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Odysseus and The 12 Stages of a Hero's Journey

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Max Martine

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Odysseus and The 12 Stages of a Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey
There are 4 parts to the hero's journey, with 12 steps total. This cycle was created by a man named Joseph Campbell after researching myths and stories from around the world. Also called the "monomyth," most stories fit very cleanly into these steps. As you will see, this one of Homer's epics, The Odyssey, is no different
Part Four-Hero's Return
Odysseus and The 12 Stages of a Hero's Journey
Part Two-Supreme Ordeal
Part 3-Unification/Transformation
Thanks for watching!
By Max Martine
Part 1- The Call to Adventure
Stage one- The ordinary world
In this part of the story, everything is business as usual.
King Odysseus is at home in Ithaca with his wife Penelope and newborn son Telemachus
Stage two- The call to adventure
Something happens that makes the hero have to leave his cozy home.
This happens in The Odyssey when Odysseus is setting out for the battle at Troy.
Stage three-Refusal of the call
The hero is hesitant to embark on his journey.
This stage is present when Odysseus doesn't want to leave his wife and son. He attempts to stay by pretending to be crazy.
Stage four-Mentor/helper
The hero encounters someone who guides them on what steps to take in their journey.
Athena, a goddess, constantly saves Odysseus from death and gives him gifts to help on his journey. She gives him information to help on his journey.
Stage five-Crossing the threshold
The hero continues past the point of no return.
After our hero angers Poseidon, a storm throws him off course.
Stage six-Tests, allies, and enemies
The hero and whoever he is traveling with are tested. They encounter enemies and find new allies.
Odysseus is faced with many tests as he travels back to Ithaca, Polyphemus, Circones, the Lotus eaters ,Lastrygonians, Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis, and the Cattle of the Sun God

Stage seven-Approach
The hero approaches something, be it a challenge or a goal.
Odysseus nearly makes it home, however his crew opens the bag given to him as a gift. When the bag is opened it releases a wind which blows them far away from Ithaca.
Stage eight-Ordeal
The hero faces death and wins out against all odds.
Odysseus is sent to the underworld seeking information to guide him home. This journey to the underworld brings him to the verge of death.
Stage nine-Reward
The hero is successful and has his reward. He begins the journey home.
This is found in the story when the King of Phaeacia gives Odysseus passage home.
Stage ten-The road back
The hero faces one final obstacle before returning home.
Once he returns he finds out that his house has been overrun with suitors trying to steal his wife and palace. He is not "home" because this was not what he wanted when he reurned.
Stage eleven-Atonement
The hero is at the threshold of their home. They have a revelation.
Instead of rushing in and killing the Suitors Odysseus is patient and wishes to learn if his wife has been faithful. Therefore with the help of his son and a faithful swine herder he devises a plan. Athena disguises him as an old beggar so that he may enter his house undetected. Telemachus steals all the suitors’ weapons, and a final test is given. Penelope will Marry the man who strings Odysseus bow and with it shoot through a series of small circles; a task that seems impossible.
Stage twelve-Return
Everything is back to normal.
Odysseus, dressed as the beggar, completes the task and is then restored to his original state. He and his son then kill the suitors. Penelope seeing how Odysseus has changed tests him to make sure it is actually him. She tells him she has moved their bed, to which he replies that it would have been impossible, a correct answer, and all is returned to normal.
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