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Chotoo Amin

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Amsterdam

The most famous museums in Amsterdam are the Rijks Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Royal Palace of Amsterdam.
The Rijks Museum has been recently renovated and over 350 million euros have been spent on it.
The Museum of Bags and Purses.

Amsterdam was founded in the 12th century and has been the capital of the Netherlands in 1588.
The city has grown but kept its historic feel while modernizing.
This unique city attracts many tourists
Amsterdam has a great location as it is close to water and the other big cities in Europe.
Amsterdam is has access to water as it is close to the North Sea.
Also, Amsterdam is just a short train ride from cities such as Paris, London, Brussels, and Berlin.

Most people in Amsterdam travel by bike.
This makes it simple to get around the city as a tourist as all you have to do is rent a bike from one of the numerous rental stores.
They even have traffic lights and wide bike lanes for the many bikers in the city.
Bikes are the biggest form of transportation, but there are also other forms of getting places.
You can take a taxi.
You can also walk as the city is not very big. This allows you to really get a feel for Amsterdam.
The Anne Frank House
One of the biggest attractions in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House.
It is currently a museum so you can actually see where and how she lived.

One of the most unique parts of Amsterdam is the food.
They are known for their fries and waffles.
Unlike the US, Amsterdam has stores that only sell fries which they specialize in.
Top Tourist Attractions
Top tourist attractions in Amsterdam are the Dam Square, the Flower Market and Nine Streets.
Much of the city is situated around the canal which makes it a very beautiful atmosphere.
Amsterdam Facts
Amsterdam has a total of 165 canals.
There are about 881,000 bicycles in Amsterdam.
There are 20 times as many tourists as locals.
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