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Emma DeMuth

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Feudalism

by Emma DeMuth, Janae Bowman, and Reaves Wannamaker Feudalism in Europe Invaders Attack Western Europe A New Social Order: Feudalism - Was when land was trade for allegiance to the king.
-In exchange for military protection and other services, a lord (a landowner), granted land called a fief. The person receiving the fief was called a vassal.
-Rollo was the first vassal and Charles the Simple was the first Lord in Europe to use feudalism.
Feudalistic Pyramid Social Classes are Well Defined Manors: The Economic Side of Feudalism -The manor was a lord's estate
-The manor system was the basic economic arrangement
-Showed obligations between Serfs and Lords
-Lord provided the Serf with housing, protection, and land
-Serf tended the land and cared for animals, as well as performed other tasks around the estate
-Women also worked
-Serfs received part of the crop for working it A Self-Contained World -Peasants rarely traveled more than 25 miles from their manor
-Manors usually only covered a few miles of land
-Had a Lord's Manor house and workshop
- 15 to 30 families lived in a Manor's village
-Fields, pastures, and woodlands surrounded the manors
-Sometimes a stream went through it
- Self-sufficient community
-Only outside purchases were salt, iron, and a few, unusual objects.
-Crops grown in the manor were grains and vegetables
-800 to 1000 A.D. invaders destroyed the Carolingian Empire.
-Muslims seized Sicily and raided Italy
-In 846, they sacked Rome
-Magyar invaders struck from the east, they terrorized Germany and Italy
-The Vikings came from the north
- Medieval writers classified people into 3 groups: those who fought (Nobles & Knights), those who prayed (men & women of the church), and those who worked (the peasants).
-Social classes were usually inherited
-Serfs were people who could not lawfully leave the place they were born

The Harshness of Manor Life - Peasants payed a high price for living on a Lord's land.
-Payed a tax on grain & marriage
-After they payed the lord, they had to pay to village priest Tithe ( Church Tax)
- This was a tenth of their income
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