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Supply Chain Logistics

No description

anna hunt

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Supply Chain Logistics

Supply Chain Logistics
3rd Party vs Internal

What solutions have been picked & Why?
3rd Party Logistics
Internal Logistics
Consumer demand is pressurizing the distribution sector of the Supply Chain for large multichannel retailers.

What are they demanding ?

Faster mailing
Accurate delivery windows
Availability of products
Consistent customer service
Large Network of Resources

Saves Time & Money
-Economies of scale

Provides Expertise and Knowledge

Allows the business to focus on core competencies

Scalability & Flexibility
- Seasonal demand
- Expansion

Continuous Optimization

of solutions

Use a 3rd party Logistics Company
Create Internal Logistics
Very expensive set up

Slower delivery times

Large risk

Not the companies core competency

Costs time and money in knowledge procurement

Extra costs applied in other areas
Improved Efficiency
Transportation costs
Economies of scale
Tracking system
Potential for expansion
Reduce overall costs
Improved supply chain co-ordination
Company dependency on logistics companies

Distribution network configuration (No of suppliers, communication etc.)


Environmental impact.

Inventory Management (WIP- work in progress)

- October 2013, 26% of UK consumer goods purchased online
- Next 12 months 41% of products will be bought online
- Online retail market will be worth £64bn in 2016 from £40bn in 2012
- "Want it, need it, wear it in just 90 minutes!" Oasis, (2014).
Able to Manage every step of the process

Better stock control and Communications

More control

Added Customer Service

Helps keep brand identity

Last Christmas 40% of all shoppers used a collection service.
Thank you
for listening.

Any Questions?
The Problem

1. The operations and hardware are the same

2. They both have similar premises, equipment and software

3. Both equally affected by changes in the macro environment

1. 3PL provide logistic services to more than one company whereas in house only
provide services to one.

2. Internal logistics control their own costs.

3. In the long term internal is a better investment for companies.


How is this pressure affecting retailers?
By Alix Rogers, Anna Hunt,
Elizabeth Doyle, Lydia Westwood, Rhona Dalglish and Rosaleen Hayward
Third Party is more plausible for most companies

An internal logistics system is more beneficial in the long term

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New technology investment
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