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The Great Depression Project

No description

rocio espindola

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of The Great Depression Project

Depression && Recession Stock Market Crash of 1929
The Stock Market crash cause was because mostly farmers that had got loans after WW1 were not able to pay them back. This happened when people was getting kicked of their farms for not been able to pay back loans. Great War
After WW1, European farms returned into production, so u.s. stoped supplying Europe.
And for this, there was an over supply of grain and the prices plummed.
Some farmers believed that prices would rise again, so they went on and got loans that later on they were not able to pay back.

These small houses were called Hoovervilles and they were provided to the people that had lost their homes. The New Deal
The Great depresssion Presidents Herbert C. Hoover Frankling Roosevelt The Stimulus Package
This was created to help the country go thru the Great Recession.
We in it rite now. The Great Recession
The Stock Market crashed in 2008, because og the Housing Market.
The reason was that people bought houses that weren't in their price range,so when the interest went up they were not able to payback their loans and now people is losing their homes. The Great Recession Presidents Geoge W. Bush Barack Obama The New Deal, was created to prevent economic crisis in the country.
And during these times, the presidents of the U.S. were Herbert Hoover and Frankling Roosevelt.
The program did help the country afterwards.
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