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Richard II

By: William Shakespeare

Austin Hill

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Richard II

Richard II By: William Shakespeare Charachters King Richard II
Richard's Queen
Richard's friends
Sir John Bushy
Sir John Bagot
Sir Henry Green
Random Charachters
Queen's Ladies-In-Waiting
John of Gaunt (Duke of Lancaster)
Henry Bolingbroke (Duke of Hereford, son to John of Gaunt, later King Henry IV)
Duchess of Gloucester (widow to Thomas Duke of Gloucester)
Edmond (Duke of York)
Duchess of York
Duke of Aumerle (Earl of Rutland, son to Duke and Duchess of York)
York's Servingman
Thomas Mowbray (Duke of Norfolk)
Officials in trial by combat
Lord Marshall
First Herald
Second Herald
Supporters King Richard
Earl of Salisbury
Bishop of Carlisle
Sir Stephen Scroop
Lord Berkeley
Abbot of Westminster
Welsh Captain
Supporters of Bolingbroke
Henry Percy (Earl of Northumberland)
Lord Ross
Lord Willoughby
Harry Percy (son of Northumberland, later known as "Hotspur"
More Random People
Lord Fitzwater
Duke of Surrey
Another Lord?
Gardener's Servingmen
Groom of Richard's stable
Keeper of prison at Pomfret Castle
Sir Pierce of Exton
Servingman to Exton
Lords, Attendants, Officers, Soldiers, Servingmen, Exton's men

Act I Scene 1 King Richard's cousin (Henry Bolingbroke) accused Thomas Mowbray of treason in public, in addition to treason Bolingbroke also accused Mowbray of murdering Richard and his uncle the Duke of Gloucester. Richard and John of Gaunt (Bolingbroke's father) try to get Henry and Thomas to restore their friendship. The attempt was a failure, Richard Orders them to combat at the coventry. Act I Scene II Recently widowed the Duchess of Gloucester begs John of Gaunt to avenge the murder of her husband. John says that King Richard himself was responsible for his murder, and John also states that what the King does is God's duty and that only God can take vengence. Act I Scene III As Bolingbroke and Mowbray are preparing to fight to the death Richard suddenly calls the fight off and banishes Mowbray for life and Bolingbroke for many years Act I scene Iv Richard plans to go to Ireland to fight in the war him self. To get money to fund the war King Richard leases out crown lands and revenues in exchange for cash. News comes to King Richard that John of Gaunt is very ill, King Richard looks forward to use John's land to help fund the war. Act II Scene I John of Gaunt (knowing that he is dying) tells Richard his lack of skills as a king and Richard yells at him. Gaunt dies, Richard declares that all of Gaunt's possesions belong to the crown. Northumberland along with three other nobles are disscussing the return of Henry Bolingbroke. They decide they are going to go meet him. Act II Scene II The Queen is greiving over Richards depature to Ireland when she recieves the news that Bolingbroke is on his way back to England with his own army. The Duke of York trys to find a way to fight him off, Sir John Bushy, Sir John Bagot and Sir Henry Green flee because they were scared (instead of the lion i think they should be the ones who go to the wizard of OZ to get courage). Bolingbroke and Northumberlend are at Berkely castle to meet northumberland's son (Henry Percy) when the Duke of York walks up to them and starts to yell and taunt Bolingbroke for coming back but in the end he lets him stay at Berkely castle. Act II Scene III Act II Scene IV The Welsh troops leave after waiting ten days for King Richard. The Earl of Salisbury assumes that the King is close to defeat. Act III Scene I Bolingbroke sentences John Bushy and Henry Greem to death. Act III Scene II Richard returns to England to find the welsh gone and his friends executed and his followers diserted him so he retreats to flint castle. Act III Scene III Bolingbroke finds Out Richard is at Flint castle.
Richard uplifts Bolingbroke's banishment. Act III Scene Iv One of the gardners is talking about the downfall of Richard and his probable disposition, the Queen overhears this. Act IV Scene I Bolingbroke looks and asks around about the murder of his uncle, every noble blames Aumerle and each other. The Duke of York brings Bolingbroke the news that Richard risigned as the king. Act v Scene I King Richard and his Queen say goodbye because they are getting separated. She is bieng sent to France and he is getting sent to Pomfret castle. Act V Scene II The Duke of York is sympathising with Richard but he states that he is loyal to King Henry. The Duke of York finds out that his son (Aumerle) is in a group who plots to assasinate King Henry, now the Duke of York, Aumerle and the Duchess of York are going to the court to beg for mercy Act V Scene III Aumerle is at King Henry's court asking him to pardon an unamed crime. Then the Duke of York shows up and tells Henry the plot and Aumerles involvment and begs for Aumerle (his own son) to be executed. At this point the Duchess and Aumerle are begging for the king to have mercy. The King pardons him but rounds up all the other conspiriters. Act v Scene Iv Sir Pierce Exton removes Richard as Henry ordered Act v Scene V Richard is in the prison at Pontefract castle, a former stable groom visits him then the prison keeper. After they leave Exton his men armed with weapons attack him, Richard kills several of them then Exton kills Richard. Act V Scene VI Henry finds out that they caught and punished the rebels. Henry pardons the Bishop of Carlisle. Then Exton enters with Richards lifeless body and gets banished for murder. After that Henry states he will set out on a crusade for the holy land to make up for his guilt
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