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My PhD

Description of my PhD

Mike Santer

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of My PhD

My PhD

Who is Mike?
What are some of my drivers?
Why Mobile Web?
Impact of what?
What outcomes?
The Impact of Mobile Web on businesses and
cultures in the developing and developed countries
As we depart from the noughties, global awareness of our social, economic and technological interconnectivity has never been so apparent. Whether looking at the issues of sustainable development, climate and energy, health, poverty or empowerment we are bombarded with often conflicting hypothesises and solutions from Researchers, and yet are often surprised by the groundswell of emergent wisdom and solutions from an ever growing empowered faceless global collective. Struggling with the tension between overloaded hopelessness, connected-loneliness and an innate desire to make a personal difference, one discernable thread to underpin and catalyse change emerges: Technology
In a world population estimated at 6.7 billion more than 4.6 billion mobile phones are in use around the world, with the highest growth rates of mobile adoption occurring in developing countries. The so called ‘digital divide’ of the 90’s has been breached and the pervasive opportunities, with billions of people now having access to reliable technology to connect them, are upon us. Never before in human history has mankind been as connected.
“The impact of Mobile Web on Businesses and Communities in developing and developed countries” will seek to explore the impact of Mobile Web on social, community and commercial informatics across the globe. Trends and patterns of humanitarian interventions through Mobile Web will be presented, the potential impact of future Mobile Web technologies such as the Semantic Web explored and quantified metrics analysing the connected impact of these initiatives examined.
Started October 2009
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