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Nanotechnology in Food

lol chemmie

Aven La Rosa

on 10 February 2012

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Transcript of Nanotechnology in Food

Nanotechnology in Food Long ago, in a world where billions of people starved every day... A group of powerful food industries invested in millions of dollars to develop nanotechnology to allow for mass production of food You may ask: "What is nanotechnology in food?" Nanotechnology in food production is a process that involves creating food or food related products at the molecular level. Supporters of the nanofood movement vouched for the obvious benefits of nanotechnology use in food production. Benefits included improved food proccessing, more effective, safe and faster packaging, enhanced flavor and nutrition, longer shelf life as well as increased production and cost effectiveness. Why would people not want nano-designed food? Nano-designed food was a new phenomenon; there were not a lot of studies on how it would affect our health later on down the road, and there wasn't a lot of government regulation on it. There weren't any laws that limited the nano-food production, and this worried people. Nano foods aren't labeled in supermarkets, so consumers had no way of avoiding them. However, now we know that interactive food and beverages are the way to go. There are a lot of benefits! Food could not only taste better, but it would be cheaper because it would grow faster, thus producing a wider harvest! And certain "smart foods" could detect a food allergy in someone and block the ingredient before it comes in contact with the person. Nano foods seemed a lot like science fiction, but they quickly became a reality. There was a grassroots group (called the Organic Consumers Association) that tried to get government regulations on nano foods. The OCA also said that there wasn't enough testing on the foods, so it was hard to tell whether or not they were safe for consumption. What is the chemistry involved in nano foods? For nanotechnology in food packaging, scientists use a silicate nanoparticle barrier to keep gasses (like oxygen) or moisture from foods to keep them from drying out or spoiling. Zinc oxide nanoparticles can be put into plastic packaging to block out UV rays and provide anti-bacterial protection while improving the strength of the package. In the year 2010, the nano food industry was said to be worth $20.4 billion. Nano-Now Works Cited
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