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Podio for AIESEC

No description

Soraya Mohamed

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Podio for AIESEC

What is Podio? Podio is a tool that AIESEC United States uses to process all kinds of information. What are the benefits of Podio? LCs and Members can use Podio for a variety of purposes including:
Member Profiles
Information Management
Creating Forms (ie. feedback, interest)
Centralizing Output/Google Docs
Tracking Progress (of your own team/LC as well as others)
Overall Team Management
Praise and GCPs! Information Management Information management can help with documentation for future growth the LC. AIESEC DC has an IM page on our Podio space! Here, we track: member info, SWOT analysis, leadership surveys, etc. Your Profile! Podio is a bit like Facebook for businesses. Other AIESECers can view your information and see who's online! Creating Forms On Podio, you can create all types of forms. Ranging from surveys, feedback, and even registration for RoKS! ...you can even see when the last time someone came on Podio (to make sure they did their tasks!) Centralizing Output and Google Docs On Podio, you can create apps for sharing files and output. And you can attach and link files from your Google Drive Tracking Progress
(of your own team as well as others) LCs can increase transparency through Podio by viewing what each team is working on And stay up-to-date with the progress of other teams in your LC! Requests Teams can make materials requests, coaching requests and many requests to the LC or the MC. In OGX, EPMs request ISICs for their EPs from the MC All AIESEC US members can request coaching from the NTT, NST, or MC FACIs can make materials requests to the OC for conferences Positivity! You can even recognize good case practices and the accomplishments of other members and LCs. GCPs! and Praise! <Stay up to date with how <many matches other LCs have. how can it help us be more efficient? Podio makes information centralized for teams so that the AIESEC network can be more efficient Team Management Through Podio, teams can:
Upload Minutes (output)
Assign tasks
See who has completed tasks
Have discussions ...Podio makes all information centralized, to avoid a million emails Get on Podio! Overall, Podio is an amazing resource that is provided to us by AIESEC US. It will bridge gaps between functions, LCs, and LCs to the MC. Podio will help streamline all processes and get us to our full potential! Feedback Form Registration
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