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8. A-V pattern Strabismus / Strabismus Course

Author : Dr Gamal eldin Ahmed Sobhy / Head of Strabismus Unit / Memorial Institute of Ophthamic Researches / Egypt / E mail : hawal_eg@yahoo.com / www.hawal-eg.com

Dr-Gamal Sobhy

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of 8. A-V pattern Strabismus / Strabismus Course

Dear Dr.Sobhy,
“The lectures are extremely well done; congratulations.
For legal purposes and for academic integrity we are sending a sample disclaimer that we would like to have included with each of your lectures.  They should in no way diminish the amazing work you are doing “  Cordially
Eugene M. Helveston,M.D
To those who helped me to complete this project
The author acknowledges that material in this lecture is taken in part from the:

This material has been modified by the author who is responsible for the contents and is used with the permission of ORBIS Telemedicine
Emeritus Professor of Ophthalmology and Pediatrics
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas
Gunter K. von Noorden, M.D.
Emeritus Professor of OphthalmologyIndiana University School of Medicine
Indianapolis, Indiana
Eugene M. Helveston, M.D
ORBIS Telemedicine E-Learning lecture
Dear Dr.Sobhy,
“You are doing amazing work.  Congratulations and thank you.  You are colleague who can look at something in a different way and then make it better!  This is a real talent “
Eugene M. Helveston,M.D
Lockwood’s Ligament
Lockwood’s ligament is connected to the lower lid
This makes lower lid ptosis a potential complication of inferior rectus recession
Tenon’s capsule
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