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Religion in Ancient Egypt - Year 7 Level

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Mira Hrnjacki

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Religion in Ancient Egypt - Year 7 Level

Polytheism The ancient Egyptians worshiped many gods and goddesses - this is called polytheism.

Poly = many, or more than one.

They believed that each god and goddess had a particular responsibility. The Story of Creation Religion The Egyptians had a very complicated system of beliefs.
However, religion was a VERY important part of daily life.

Most Egyptian art and literature had religious themes concentrating on life, death, and the afterlife. So... why do they have the heads of animals? The Egyptians associated these gods with animals. They were thought to represent the gods on earth. These animals were characteristic of traits they believed the gods possessed.

That's why they drew their gods and goddesses with the heads of animals or birds :) The Most Important The Pharaoh Important Religious Places Religion, Gods and Temples Amun-Ra or Re
The sun-god and creator of the world Horus
The god of the sky, the living pharaoh Anubis
The jackal-headed god of mummification Maat
The goddess of truth, justice, law and cosmic order Isis
The goddess of fertility and magic The Pharaoh was believed to be half human and half god. They shared the role of communicating with the
gods with the priests. This is why the priests gained so much power in Egyptian society and why people treated them so highly with respect.

The pharaoh's also gave the priests some authority so in some cases, the priests ruled together with the pharaoh!
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