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No description

David Taylor

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of My PLE

When I learn.. i use the internet,
making up my PLE!! Who am I ?? ... David Taylor Google Web Allows me to search the internet
for websites with information on the topic i am looking into.
Its helps me to understand aspects of my course i am
struggling with, but also allows me to research areas of
science when neccecery. Thi This is what the dog thinks about! .... and this is what i think about haha Google images allows me to find pictures to illustrate
my work, most of the images in this prezi are
in fact from google images! I use youtube alot when working, not so much for the learning
but to listen to music, allowing me to relax and more
able to learn. Through the university website i use both the portal, and the VLE. The Portal
Email allows me to communicate both with other students and staff, meaning i can get support and advice when needed.
I can access my personal timetable via the portal, which is very useful so i attend all lectures. The VLE is also very important when learning online,
it gives me access to lecture slides, formative material,
aswell as a way for staff to make announcments. Facebook allows me to keep in contact with peers where ideas can be discussed,
aswell as meetings being arranged to discuss work further.
wi Wikipedia offers background information on almost anything, so it is a very useful online resource. It can help to clarify a topic i am confused about as the explinations are well described. w
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