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Biology: 2.03 Cell structure and function.

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Karla Marrero

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Biology: 2.03 Cell structure and function.

Biology: 2.03 Cell structure and function.
By: Karla Marrero

Imagine you are the nucleus of a plant or animal cell and have been asked to mentor an organelle that is new to the cell. Take your mentee on a tour of the cell, describing the major parts of the cell and their functions. You may present your tour in a variety of ways; just be sure it demonstrates a complete understanding of the organelles, their functions, and how they work together to support the cell.
Major parts of an animal cell
The Nucleus
Controls the cell's activities and holds all of the genetic material.
The Nucleolus
It is a dark body inside the Nucleus and is involved in the synthesis of the ribosomal RNA.
The Nuclear Membrane
It keeps the DNA inside the nucleus but allows mRNA and proteins through, you can think of it like a strainer, keeps the noodles in and lets the water out. It's a large double membrane with large pores.
The Golgi Complex
Stores and packages cellular secretions for export out of the cell, Like a post office when it sends out mail. Digestive glands have active golgi bodies.
The Rough ER
A series of long tunnels running through the cell with ribosomes attached. This transports proteins to the Golgi bodies for packaging.
The Smooth ER
A series on long tunnels running through the cell. It detoxifies the cell.
The Centrioles
They anchor the spindle fibers during the cell divisions. They are made up of Microtubules and are ONLY found in animal cells.
The Mitochondria
Produce most of the Cell's energy. They are composed of two membranes, and outer and an inner. Mostly found in muscular cells.
The Lysosomes
Digest and remove all the worn out cell organelles.
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