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No description

Nicholas Caliendo

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of creepypastas

Creepy Pasta What is a Creepy Pasta? Creepy Pastas are short stories designed to unnerve, disturb, elicit a negative emotional response from, and scare the reader. Some Creepy Pastas are from games, TV shows, or real life. Smile Dog .jpg Slender Man The Rake Smile Dog.jpg started when a woman said she was being haunted by her dead dog. She sent a priest over to her house to help, but when he got there she was gone. the only thing there was a floppy disk that said "Smile Dog.jpg". There was a note that said "pass it on and it will stop haunting me." The priest took the floppy disk and put it into his computer. What he saw changed his life. It was a picture of a dog staring into the camera with a smile inhumane like. The priest thought nothing of it and left it alone, but every day he didn't pass it on the picture got more demented. He almost went insane until he passed it on to one of his friends. If you get Smile Dog.jpg, pass it on or you will be sorry. The Rake is much like Slender Man but a little different. Much like the Slender Man he lives in the woods and staucks his prey. The things that makes him different is that he will not attack unless provoked. If attacked he will hunt the person down and not stop until they are killed. witnesses say he walks on all fours with razor sharp claws. He has sharp teeth in his small mouth that unhinges like a snake. If you see this creature be near fire because he does not like light and fire. Just be careful next time you go camping. SCP-173 SCP-173 is a creature full of mystery. The SCP Containment Units where places where they would put unidentified creatures much like area 51. SCP-173 is one of the most famous SCP. 173 is a creature with huge green eyes and skin that is a light orange. It appears to have blood on its face from its mouth that opens up three ways. It will attack but not in direct eye sight. if you blink or turn around it will get closer and closer until it snaps your neck. The SCP Containment Units are still alive today but secret. Every once and a while people will come out and get people to volunteer to "help" them with their experiments with 173. If you see people in lab coats and ask you to "help" them, say no. Slender Man is a mythical being that is unnerving. He has a blank white face and long legs and arms. He is dressed in a suit and tie with tentacles coming out of his body. Witnesses say that when he is near you can hear static. He is usually around little children, and nobody knows what he does to the people he captures. Some say he brings them to a purgatory where he haunts you, or he just kills you. He is seen in the forests where he will hunt you. Ben Drowned Ben Drowned is one of the gaming Creepy Pastas. It all started when a little boy went to a garage sale. He saw the game Legends of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The old man hosting the garage sale said he could have it for free. The little kid took it and started playing it. When he turned it on he found out that there were two profiles "Ben" and "Drowned". He just deleted the profiles and stated a new one. When h was playing the characters would sill refer to him as "Ben". Even though he deleted it he went back to see that the profile was still there. Again he deleted it and continued to play. While in the game the dialog would get all mixed up and he would constantly hear the masked laughter. He new something was wrong. Than suddenly a random text came up saying "You shouldn't have done that". Than a statue of Link referring to itself as Ben. The kid stated running from the statue but it kept on following him. He eventually quit the game and shut off the tv, but the game was still on. Finally the statue appeared again saying "You shouldn't have done that". If you hear the music they say you can see how Ben died. Happy Appy Happy Appy is a lost episode Creepy Pasta. Happy Appy premiered on Nick Jr. It was a show teaching kids how to deal with problems like if you got a scratch or did something wrong. The series got up to eight episodes before getting mysteriously canceled. Happy Appy was nothing but a clay-mation apple on a stick talking to little children, but as the episodes went on his appearances got more life like. The problems would get more demented like having to deal with your parents dying or what to do with the body you just killed. After the that episode Happy Appy's last words were "I'll be back". Happy Appy was never aired again. Russian Sleep Experiment One day scientists were testing a new type of bio-weapon. They got five test subjects to stay up while being pumped with the gas. The first few days they were fine and there vitals were good. After a few weeks things got strange. One of the subjects started screaming and another one was whispering quietly in a corner. The subjects started to show the same results, so the scientists went to check it out. On their way the cameras went out. When they got there one of the subjects was missing. They tried to question the subjects but they wouldn't respond. The scientists took them out to check the vitals. They showed signs of insanity and insomnia. They were put back in the room without the gas. Suddenly the test subjects started going crazy demanding for the gas to be put back on. When they turned on the gas again they subjects calmed down again. A few days later the subjects were not eating their food and they were very hurt that you can see their bones. The scientists saw that one of the subjects was dying, so they went to check it out. When they opened the doors they saw the subjects feeding on the dying one's flesh. The scientists saw other pieces of the last subject in the drain pipes. They called security, but the others started attacking the scientists. When security came in they shot the three remaining subjects. They went up to the last remaining subject and he whispered in the security guys ear before he died. He said, "God has abandoned us." Than he finally died Lavender Town
Lavender Town is a town in the game Pokemon. In it gamers say that they see mysterious things happen in the game or their game boy. Side effects that happen after passing through Lavender Town are having head aches, seeing apparitions, or even thoughts of suicide. In the game there is music that is very different from the cheery music in the game. It is a very low and slow depressing song. The song says to have a secret message. In the sound check people have seen an unknown Pokemon called Ghost. They have also seen the unown Pokemon spell out "Leave Now." The song is also said to control little kids. The frequency from the song can make children do things they wouldn't do, almost like a ghost is taking over them. In Lavender Town people also witness many strange things in the tower. It is the Pokémon grave yard. Kind of out of the way from a happy game. In the building you will see grave stones and randomly being followed by the unknown Ghost Pokemon. When you get to the top you finally battle Ghost and you are mysteriously pushed out of the building. No one knows what is in Lavender Town, but people say if you listen to the music you will find out. Viewer Discretion is Advised Max And Ruby 0004 Max and Ruby is a show on Nick Jr. staring two little bunnies. One day a man was looking for a Max and Ruby DVD for his niece. It was Christmas Season so they were sold out. When he decided to give up he found something in the mail. It was a Max and Ruby DVD in a very poor package. He opened the package seeing five episodes. Episode 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005. It looked like a normal Max and Ruby DVD so he gift rapped it a waited for Christmas to come. On Christmas the folks were going out and he had to stay home to babysit his niece. He decided to put the Max and Ruby DVD in for her. He heard her watching the first three episodes of the DVD and everything was going fine. Than he hears screaming in the room. He runs in and sees his niece curled up crying on the floor. He looks up and sees the most disturbing picture ever. It is a picture of Max and Ruby in a blood red room with black eyes. He than shuts off the t.v. and tells her it was just a bad dream because she fell asleep before it came on. After a few days he decides to watch the rest of the DVD on his computer. When he starts it up it is a video of Max and Ruby playing in the backyard with their parents on the porch. Then it zoomed up on the parents and hear "If only they knew." Than he hears very realistic choking and coughing from the parents. It than cuts to a scene with another blood red background with Max and Ruby with no faces standing over a gravestone that says "R.I.P. Mommy and Daddy." After that it cuts to Max's room with a chair and a noose. Than you hear the chair fall and more realistic choking coming from Max. The video finally ends with a picture of Ruby staring at Max's lifeless body with no eyes. In the background the theme song of Max and Ruby playing background. Before he takes the DVD out he takes a few pictures of it. When he takes it out he throws it on the floor and throws it away. A few days later he finds a letter in a mail saying "If only they knew."
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