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Delta Airlines

Relation between hotspots and airlines: 'A comparison of Vueling, Easyjet and AirBerlin'

noor mobeen

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines:
A Customer Service Nightmare ExecOne Consulting Noor Mobeen Zac Taylor Klint Kubiak Tyler Carpenter 4 Hotspots Hire More Staff to man the phones and.. Open up more network for communications Geographical Location of the Customers cross - cultural training I have to pay for What? Connecting London to... Understaffed Too Automated Over 1 million passengers within United States and Oveseas flown every month ! Delta currently has an image problem in regards to
Customer Service Tagging Process

Lost Baggage

Refund Process

Weight Limit Luggage Fees and other issues...

Bag fees: (1) $25 (2) $ 35
for (3) 125

Change fee - U.S. $150
Intl $ 250 A look into the Organization 80+ Years of Passenger Service

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy -September 14th, 2005

1st in Airlines History

Emerged April , 2007

New CEO - Richard H. Anderson

Acquired Northwest Airlines in 2008 Questions? Vueling & MTV Music Week in Barcelona Complaints She continued to provoke me and suggested I write in if I don't like and insisted weather was the cause of the delay Delta charges $ 150.0 to move a flight to another time. Outrageous !!!

Delta cancel my flight, lied about it and hang up on me Delta told me my flight is delayed due to the weather, But the pilot admitted that is was a mechanical issue ! Same day flight change - $ 50

Same Day Standby Upgrade Fees

0 to 500 - $ 50

1,501 to 2000 - $150

3,001 miles and up $ 350 Not taking Advantage of Social Media All Affect Communication Delays & Cancellations Honesty Complaints

Mechanical Problems
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