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31 Things About Me

No description

archie martinez

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of 31 Things About Me

Archie M. 31 things about me My favourite book series are
THE 39 CLUES I was born in
Windsor, Ontario, Canada Where's My Water 29. 27. Go BACK to START! :) 1. 2. My favourite sport I like to play is...
obviously soccer!! :D 3. I like math,...... well,..... sort of. Even Barely! And I'm surprised I even
survive these things?! 4. I'm the BEST code cracker
and can even make
little codes of my own. Crack this code intercepted by the
U.S. Navy Base located at GUAM:
b = a <<<<<>>>>> UIF HFOFSBM NFBOT
JU: OP NPSF GJHIUFS KFU KPZ SJEJOH! Well sorry if you couldn't get it right now. :( BUT, you could do it later. :I THE GENERAL MEANS
JET JOY RIDING! I love Apple's products! They're so AWESOME!! My birthday is on
Dec. 16, 2012 = 12/16/12
SOOOO, close to the date
12/12/12. My favourite season is winter!! :D 9. I love Gran Turismo 5, &
Need For Speed. 10. Hmm... What could be my
favourite number be????? NOT 3!! :( NOT 9!! :( Look ><(<<IN) here 39 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Angry Birds Space!! :D What can I say?!
Nothing of course! But what's really the
best is that, I have 137 Space Eagles and
still counting! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I'm unbeatable! See ya piggies! :P I love Christmas! It's my favourite
holiday of all times! :) >> :D I'm DEFINITELY on top of the world , since this my favourite architectural building in the world!! :) Too bad I don't have anyone of these bad boys. But are still AWESOME!! Or these ones >>>>> The school I go to is L.A.Desmarais, in
grade 7. My best friends are Mark, PAUL (My so called
APPARENT LOOK-ALIKE twin"), Adrian, Stiv, Nicholas (nick for short), Evan, Dom (Dominik), Jonah, & Jacob. Ohh yeah, I ALMOST forgot about DEAR Katelyn ROGERS, POOR EMM (Emilie <<<<<>>>> M. Or known as Extraterrestrial
Maniac Monkey), & Iarid. Now, you're wondering what my favourite
animal is. WELL,.......... One of them is the...... Enormous, Gigantic, Colassal,..... GOLIATH BIRD-EATER
TARANTULA I told you they were this large It looks like that bird
wasn't so LUCKY after
all.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> That's why they're such "BIRD BRAINS!!!!" :P Another game I like is
BEAT HAZARD!!!! :D 19. CEDAR POINT Cedar Point is the BEST Amusement Park in the world!! :D GATEKEEPER!!!! I also like the Magnum XL-200,
the Mantis, Bluestreak, Meanstreak, Raptor, Corkscrew, Windseeker, Shoot The Rapids, Millenium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, & my personal favourite, Iron Dragon. 20. The stores I like to go to are Indigo, Walmart, & ToysRUs (usually in December). 21. My favourite colours are
in the words. :) 22. My favourite subjects are science,
math, geography, & literacy. 23. My favourite T.V. shows are
American Ninja Warrior, Wipeout,
America's Got Talent, & The X Factor. 24. My culture is Canadian &
Filipino. 25. My favourite fruits are bananas,
watermelon (sometimes), pineapple (sometimes), grapes, kiwi (sometimes), mangoes, & strawberries. I'm being honest here. 26. My favourite candies are 5 gum, Hershey's,
Ferrero Chocolate, Lays (sour cream&onion),
tootsie rolls, other chocolate, & lego candy. Some of you guys saw that COMPLICATED
equation of mine. Well,... that image above this text, explains the other half of things. But, all of it together describes how string theory is real, how it unifies all 4 forces of the universe, how UNIFICATION works, & how it may be the theory of EVERYTHING!!!! :D Anyhow, NOVA is one of my
other favourite TV shows that
I like to watch, & the website
is as good as the show itself. P.S. - It is the same theory that Einstein frowned upon, but never figured it out,
and then died before he ever discovered the secret behind "String Theory." 28. Sure, I don't have any one of apple's devices,
but my dad has an Ipod nano, & a(n) Android LG phone. On my spare time or any other occasion, I just play on it or use the internet on it. <<<<<<<<<<<< Close Enough The game Where's My Water is the game that got me hooked instantly! 30. Besides all the best movies I've seen so far,
in my life, the only other movie I would like
to see, is Fast & Furious Five. We're all unique in a way like, each one
of our fingerprints & our DNA. This how
I usually see things between people. BUT, there's always a common thing that pops up between all of us (Though, Josh B. doesn't like it, & pretty much tinks its insane to do it).
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