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My Personal Ithaca

No description

Sam Swiercek

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of My Personal Ithaca

Sam Swiercek
My goal is to be the principal tuba player for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. This is my goal because I love to play tuba and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is one of the most prestigious orchestras in the world and Chicago would be an amazing place to live.
My Ithaca (goal)
Where did it begin?
The temptation that would keep me from reaching my goal is just giving it up all together because I think I can't do it. I know that I must strive to work hard to reach my goal and be successful. This connects with the Odyssey because when Odysseus and his men reached the island of the Lotus Eaters, a few of his men ate the lotus, which would make them never leave the island or have any care for home or their family, but Odysseus pulled them away before they could stay on the island.
My path to my goal began in 6th grade at Lavilla School of the Arts when I began playing tuba. I am currently a freshman at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts.
I believe that my allies that will help and support me to reach my goal are my close friends and family. I know that they will always have my back, even if I am not with them. I know that the journey will not be easy, so I will need my allies along the way. My allies can support me in a way that Athena supported Odysseus in The Odyssey. Athena helped Odysseus reunite with his son Telemachus.
Nemeses and Challenges
I believe that the only nemesis I have from reaching my goal is myself. If I don't work hard enough, I won't reach my goal. Some challenges I will face are getting good grades and getting into a good college to prepare me to have a successful audition and career. Another challenge I will face is if I have a bad practice session, or a bad audition, I will have to ask myself what I did wrong and fix that problem for the next practice session or audition. A nemesis that Odysseus faced on his journey to Ithaca was Zeus. Zeus would send lightning bolts at Odysseus' ship to make it sink.
In conclusion...
If I want to reach my Ithaca, I must keep my allies close and keep the demons away and I must work hard everyday to reach my Ithaca.
My Personal Ithaca
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