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Great Depression

No description

Saadia Hussain

on 31 March 2017

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Transcript of Great Depression

Causes and Responses to the Great Depression

Helping Europe After WWI
Great Depression - Cause
Overproduction + Buying on Credit
Global Depression
When the US economy fails, the whole world's economy gets hurt
Needed money to rebuild country
Gave money to help
Lose Profit
Fire Workers & Businesses Close
Unemployment Increases
People Don't Have Money
US stops giving Europe money + wants Europe to pay them back
Hitler created new jobs (public works - construction)
Rebuilt military
United States
New Deal created new jobs (public works - construction)
The 1920s
destroyed economically after WWI
United States
had an economic boom
Sliced bread
United States
Depression - a period of extreme economic downturn
United States
1929 - US stock market crashes
Banks close
People lose their money
Depression Cycle
Hit the least
Government take over industrialization
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