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Two Moons: Life or Death?

No description

caroline kloster

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Two Moons: Life or Death?

Tidal erosion with one moon
it usually takes place over periods of decades or longer, giving people who live or work on the shore time to develop defenses against the changing landscape.
Two Moon Tidal Erosion
1. greater force of tides speed of erosion and range of tides
2. Shorelines would erode so quickly that without heroic effort, such as thick concrete walls lining the rivers,
3. cities could not be built on most ocean shores or on especially active rivers.

Tides with two Moons
1. 8 times larger than with one moon
2. when the sun and moon are in alignment the range of tides are 6 and 1/3 times larger
3. swallow up coastal areas and larger beaches
Moon Light with One Moon
1. Light given off by the moon affects earth
2. small amounts of moonlight make it so that certain animals can hunt in the dark and other animals can hide and sleep
3. Ex: Bat with Echolocation
Two Moons Moon light
1.When both moons are full it will be five times brighter than the nighttime surface of the Earth under a full Moon
2. Increased light disrupts nocturnal animals
3. They use darkness to help camouflage them from predators and their eyes are not designed for bright light, instead they rely on echolocation.
4. Adaption would lead to more cunning and intelligent breeds
of animals while others would
be better at
blending in
Two Moons: Life or Death?
Sea Walls
1.Giant walls that span entire coastlines and attempt to reduce erosion and prevent flooding in the process.
2. Ugly and require constant maintenance
Normal Tides with one moon
1. moon's gravity pulls on the earth
2. The moons gravity pulls the water on the side of the earth closest the moon towards the moon, forming a bulge on one side and the gravity is less so a bulge on the other
3. High tide and low tide
4. Twice per day Every 6 hours

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Tidal Erosion
Moon Light
Coastal flooding on one side of the earth, shoreline erosion on the other side, animals unable to adapt to the increased amount of moonlight, these are just a few of the things that two moons would impact.
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