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Testing, Assessment, and Evaluation

No description

Midwested Education Group

on 5 February 2018

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Transcript of Testing, Assessment, and Evaluation

Activity 1
Thank you
Activity 4: Reflective Thinking
Evaluation Purposes
Checking for comprehension and learning retention
Measuring teaching quality
Adjusting teaching methodologies
Rebuilding teaching curriculum
etc ....
Grading on a curve- commonly used
Grading to criterion- alternative
Activity 3
Re-Arrange the Table
Activity 4
Rearrange the table using your understanding of Summative and Formative Assessment
Evaluation and Grading Cont.
Grading on a Curve
Grading to Criterion
10% A's
20% B's
40% C's
20% D's
10% F's
Ex: Spelling test:
A= 100 to 93
B= 92 to 85
C= 84 to 75
D= 74 to 65
F= 64 or fewer
Circle the activity you have been using currently and underline the activity you wish to use in your classroom.
Formative assessment
Assessing Using Alt. Measures Cont...
Student Portfolios
Evaluates a sample of a students' work and other accomplishments over time.
Assessing Group Effort and Individually Contracted Work
Cooperative learning procedures through which students are awarded points and grades for their work in teams and for their individual work.
Making Decisions about Assessments
Choose the best assessment for your class.
Theoretical and Empirical Support
Effects of assessments and grades on student motivation and learning:
Effects of grades
Effects of Standardized Testing
Teacher bias in assessment and grading

method or a tool used to determine a student’s ability to complete a certain task or demonstrate mastery of a skill or knowledge of content.


A process of gathering information to monitor progress and make educational decision if necessary.

A procedure used to determine whether the subject (i.e.) meets a preset criterion, such as qualifying for special education services.
A Cake
a tasty cake or a tasteless cake -
the end or the product in mind
monitoring the cooking procedure (e.g., baking temperature, ingredients...etc.)

assurance and entigrity the process in mind
measuring cup to know how much flour, sugar, milk, eggs, the chef uses for banking the cake -
the reliability of the tool and quality of the content in mind
Testing, Assessment, and Evaluation
Summative assessment
assessment for learning
assessment of learning
improve learning

on going
learn through feedback & practice

measure of competency
end of course
Dr. Tien Chau
Activity 2

1: dont know anything
2: heard about it
3. Know some about it
4: can explain the topis
5: can teach the topics to others
1. Pre-Assessment
3. Deffinitions of Formative Assessment
4. Using Assessment to Teach
5. Reflective Thinking Practice
Using google to provide definition and differences among testing, assessment, and evaluation

- With internet access, go to google. Enter key work search ‘testing, assessment, and evaluation’

- Choose ‘google image’

1. Name each picture
2. Rearrange the pictures in the 5-step cycle
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