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Tin Man - Character Analysis

No description

Kashish Arora

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Tin Man - Character Analysis

About The Character Justification Of Analysis This is the Tin Man being kind and saving the Scarecrow. The Heartless Tin Man Analysis The Tin Man was chopping some wood one day, but it began to rain. The rain made him all rusty, and he was solid from then on. But Dorothy and the Scarecrow came to save him. I think that the Tin Man is a very determined man. I also think that even though he doesn't have a heart, he has a heart at the same time. Another thing is that he wants a heart so he can have friends that he can actually like. He also wants to care for people, love people, etc. I think that the Tin Man has a heart but doesn't have a heart at the same time because:

-He is really kind; The witch threw a ball of fire at the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man immediately saved the Scarecrow by throwing himself on the fire so that it could die down.
-Since he has no heart, he has no feelings either, but when the witch insulted him and the Scarecrow, he got really mad.

I think that the Tin Man is a determined man because after the witch insulted the Tin Man and the Scarecrow and left, he was even more determined to get to the Emerald City, whether he gets a heart or not.

I think that the Tin Man wants friends, wants to care for people, and love because that's what he says in the song he sings. For example: "I'd be friends with the sparrows, And the boy who shoots the arrows," which means he wants friends, and he can't have legitimate friends unless he cares for them. Another line he sang was: "I'd be tender, I'd be gentle, And an awful sentimental, Regarding love and art," which tells the audience that he will care and love someone very dearly. This is the completely rusted,
unmovable Tin Man. This is the Tin Man singing his
song to Dorothy and the Scarecrow. This is the Tin Man celebrating his freedom after being frozen solid for about a year. In the part of The Wizard of Oz we watched, I learned that the Tin Man is very kind, helpful, and determined. He goes with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and later on, the Lion, in search of the Emerald City so he can ask the Wizard of Oz for a heart. When the Tin Man immediately jumped to save the Scarecrow, he was helping someone even though he didn't have a heart. In his song, he said that if he had a heart, he would be able to be gentle and kind to others, but when something happened, he acted so suddenly that he didn't even realize he was kind without having a heart. Just because he doesn't have a heart, he thinks that he doesn't have any emotions or he can't be kind. By: Kashish The Tin Man's song told the audience a lot about how the Tin Man felt. He really wants a heart because he thinks that that's the only way he can be kind to people and have emotions. Through his song though, he was expressing many emotions. This shows that he doesn't actually need a heart to act human; he just thinks so.
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