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Study Abroad in Taiwan 2017

No description

Ching-Yu Huang

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of Study Abroad in Taiwan 2017

Study Abroad
in Taiwan 2017

Experience Taiwanese culture

Taoist temples
Tea culture
Indigenous tribes
Taipei 101 and more...
Diverse Geological Landscapes
Taroko gorge
Yamingshan Tatun Volcanoes
Jhueilu cliff
Coastal stone sculptures
White sand beach and more
Taste authentic Taiwan cuisine & local snacks
Encounter wildlife
in diverse ecosystems
Earn credits in
Taipei, Ilan, Hualian,Taitung, Kenting, and Tainan
Maysemseter 2017 (TBA)
Alpine and lowland tropical forests
Tropical mangroves
Coral reefs (snorkeling)
Local sustainable farms and more
BIOL 1102/1102L: Introduction to Ecology (4 hrs)
BIOL 1260/1260L Environmental Sciences (4 hrs)

DVRS 1503 Studies in Diversity Issues- Taiwan (3 hrs)
Fulfill Area D and Area B core courses
No prerequisite or language training required.
Price Includes:
UNG Tuition
Entrance Fees
Group Meals
Class Materials
Ground Transportation
International Medical Insurance

Program cost: TBD
Scholarships and payment plan available!
Application deadline: TBA, 2016
Check out our website: http://blog.ung.edu/chuang/study-abroad-in-taiwan/
Please contact:
Dr. Ching-Yu Huang Dr. Justin Ellis Ms. Kelly West
Ching-Yu.Huang@ung.edu Justin.Ellis@ung.edu Kelly.west@ung.edu

Taiwanese cuisine
Local snacks
Tropical fruits
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