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AVID Revalidation 2013-2014

Capital High School, a National AVID Demonstration School, highlights continued efforts to increase student achievement while providing focused supports for college readiness for the 2013-2014 school year.

Channell Segura

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of AVID Revalidation 2013-2014

Believe, Achieve, Succeed.
Capital High School, Santa Fe, New Mexico
1119 Total Students
28% English Language Learners
68% Economically Disadvantaged
14% Special Education
Capital High School
Capital High School:
Vision: Graduate Every Student College and Career Ready
Our Established Structures
From Structure to Instruction
Designing Instruction to Support College and Career Readiness
Freshman Academies
Medical Sciences
Business Management
Digital Design
Film and Production
College and Career
College and Career
Creating Structures to Support College and Career Readiness
Two Eyes on Education
Instructional Leader
Programming to Support Student Achievement:
AVID 12 &
AVID 9 & Freshman Seminar
Classroom Environmental Scan
How is your classroom an extension of instructional delivery?
Web-based Lesson Planner and Curriculum Portal
WICRizing Lesson Plans Using the
Gradual Release Model
Implementation of the Professional Learning Communities in content-alike meetings:
Questions from Audience
ELA Curriculum Map
Team Structure
Data on the Rise
Our AVID Journey to Ensure Students Graduate College and Career Ready.
Channell Wilson-Segura, Directing Principal
Mariah Runyan, Associate Principal
Sonya Gunter, Associate Principal
Josh Rhine, Associate Principal
Richard Barner, Instructional Coach
Jonathan Haack, Mathematics Instructional Coach
Ben Gomez, Dean of Students

The AVID Site-Team
Deliberate Selection of Key Catalysts:
AVID Coordinator
AVID Principal
Instructional Coach
AVID Counselor
AVID Elective Teacher
English Language Arts Content Representative
Mathematics Content Representative
Social Studies Content Representative
Science Content Representative
Monitoring Weekly Submissions of Lesson Plans
Providing Feedback
Curriculum Portal: Providing Teachers with Instructional Resources (AVID Documents and Strategies)
Homework Portal for Students/Parents

AVID Path Training
AVID Critical Reading Training
Focused Cornell Notes with Evidence of Repetitions for Retention
AVID Professional Development
Do Now Activity
Learning Objective
Daily Assessment
Sample BBC
Building Staff Capacity with Instructional Priorities
Environmental Scan Document
Frequent and Focused Walk-Through Observation: Monitoring Fidelity
Walk-Through Form with Feedback
Lesson Plan with Feedback

A Consistent Methodology of Communicating

Objective (What)


Learning Plan (How)
Black Board Configuration:
Using Data to Inform Instruction Using AVID Strategies

2012, 2013 and 2014
2012: 91.3%
2013: 89.2%
2014: 93%
2015: TBD
2012: 79%
2013: 85.7%
2014: 90%
2015: TBD
Student Retention
2012: Retention from 9th-10th=79%
Retention from 10th-11th=89.8%
Retention from 11th-12th=98%
2013: Retention from 9th-10th=85.7%
Retention from 10th-11th=98%
Retention from 11th-12th=96.6%
2014: Retention from 9th-10th=90%
Retention from 10th-11th=98%
Retention from 11th-12th=98%
Advanced Placement Success
ACT Composite Growth
2012: 15
2013: 16
2014: 17
2015: 16
Graduation Rate
2011: 53.5%
2012: 60.7%
2013: 64.2%
2014: 67.5%
2015: TBD
Post-Secondary Enrollment
Enrollement in a Post-Secondary Institute:
2012: 76%
2013: 88%
2014: 95%
2015: 92%
Proficiency Rates
2012: Reading: 31.3%
2013 Reading: 45.2%
2014 Reading: %41.4%
2015 PARCC
2012 Math: 22.1%
2013 Math: 22.5%
2014 Math: %25.1%
2015 PARCC
1395 Total Students
31% English Language Learners
81% Economically Disadvantaged
15% Special Education
Our Mission:
Capital High School is dedicated to empowering its students through a challenging, relevant, and supportive learning environment to promote lifelong success and achievement.
Our Vision:
To graduate every student college and career ready.
Our Motto:
Our Capital High School Community Will Believe, Achieve, and Succeed, Every Day, No Excuses.
CHS is an AVID National Demonstration School
CHS Medical Sciences Academy is Project Lead the Way Certified
CHS Maintains a Growing Advanced Placement Program in: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish
CHS Business and Management Academy is a Certified High School of Business
CHS is a GEAR UP Grant School
District Formative Assessments to Be Given Four Times Per Year:
English I
English II
English III
English IV
Algebra I
Algebra II
Testing Windows:

Fall Administration
Winter Administration
Spring Administration

2012 Science: N/A
2013 Science: 23.7%
2014 Science: %24.2%
Leadership for AVID Schoolwide Framework (SLIC):
2015: Retention from 9th-10th= TBD
Retention from 10th-11th=TBD
Retention from 11th-12th=TBD
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