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buisness plan

spiveys sports center

Marrissa Spivey

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of buisness plan

Marrissa Spivey Mrs.Minchello 1/22/2013 4.General Company Description A:Business Overview I want to open up a sprots complex that will provide a basketball/ volleyball court, a soccer/ feild hockey feild, and a softball/ lacrosse feild. There will be trainers and a club teams avalible for each sport as well. There will be disscounts for any school teams. Any body can join from the ages of 8-11, 12-14, and 16u and 18u. There will also be college scouts that will attened games for the elite 18u teams. B:Location The complex is located in Boston. Its is an 8,000 sq. ft. facility. It includes offices, a huge storage space, and multiple strage containers. The intitial asking price is $375,000. The FF&E is $125,000. This space is very convinent because there is a huge storage space and a large parking lot. Also because it is located in Boston. C:Mission Statement Spivey's Sports Complex is soley and purposly here to combine mind, body, education, and a healthier life style for athletes through the universal language of sports. F:Form of Ownership G:Competition My competition consist of other sports complexes such as Skills contest, South shore sports complex, Design competition, new England sports center, Bridgewater sports complex, indoor sports complex, ect. I will also have to compete with sports clinics that are being held any were else. I will also have to compete with any personal trainers that are affiliated with any of the 6 spots that I offer. 5.History & Background 6.Products & Service A: Descrition of Product My product will allow althletes a chance to build up their skills and knowledge of their sport while maintaing a heilthy life style. It will also give them a chance to keep playing all year round. My service also allows players to have personal trainers to improve their skills even more. My service also helps athletes get to the next level and play in college. B: Factors towared Competative Advantage We allow all types os sports rather than a limited sport. We also have trainers for each sport to get a compeative advantage. Most importantly we always have a positive atmosphere throughout the complex and everyone has a positive and determined attitude. We also have college scouts for the elite teams that come to the games which will alow players to get to the college level. We also have a good location as well as size. C:Prices -Leagues:$250 each season

-Personal Trainer:$20 an Hr. or $1,200 a year

-Elite Team (18u):$40 tryout, $250 season

-Practice Time:$40 a day, $725 a year

-Camps-Clinics-Programs:$25 each Entrepreneurship
Studies 7.Marketing A:Target Market C:Advertise D:Samples & Budget of Adv. 9.Loan Repayment 10.Startup Expenses -School sports teams
-Ages: 8-18
-Gender: boy or girl
-Sports legues around the area. -Online
-Outdoor (Billboard) -Online:$1,200-$1,800 per month: $2,00-$1,200 per year, banner, & website

-Outdoor (Billboard): $3,000 for artwork: $5,000-$500,000 level of quality, minimum of 16 weeks up I choose a Sole Proprietorship as my form of ownership. Advantages:
-much simpilar
-make my own desicions
-receive more money
-buisness runs smoothly with little control from the government
-no difficult tax returnsor documents with governmen.
-no problems
-shut down my buisness whenever Dissadvantages:
-your personally liable for the debts and obligations of the buisness
-some investors may not invest in a sole porpriotorship College: Ohio State University
Major: Athletic Training & Buisness
-played softball & volleyball while at Ohio State.
-Interned with athletic trainer of the Boston Red Sox.
-worked 5 years as the head athletic trainer for the Boston Red Sox.
-I decided to work on the buissness side of things becomeing a markating assistant for the Red Sox.
-I then worked my way up to human resorces coordinator.
-Finally I manajed to become senior advisor to finance and accounting.
-After working for the red sox franchise and the indistry I relized that I want to start a buisness of my own so thats what I did. I will take out my loan from Harbor One Credit Union. I will be investing $10,000 into my business. Therefore my loan amount will be $15,000. My loan will have an interest rate of 6.00% with 60 months to pay it back. Therefore it will be $1,291.00 each month to pay back the loan.
-Purchase Business/Building-$375,000
-Internet and Phone-$720
-Cash Register/POS System-$2,598
-All business supplies, furniture, and fixtures-$125,000
-Starting Inventory-$328,981
-Remolding Costs-$180,000
-Office supplies-$4,087.82
-Legal and professional fees-Accounting $85 Lawyer $125 $1,700
-Licenses and permits-$250
-Advertising for opening-$10,200
-Petty Cash-$10,000
-Unexpected expenses-$250
-Total One-Time Start-Up Costs:-$1,043,406.82 Basketball/ Volleyball Court Soccer/ Feild Hockey Feild Softball/ Lacrosse Feild Life isnt about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself!!!!!!
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