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Nothing But The Truth Timeline

No description

Maria Hannoush

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Nothing But The Truth Timeline

Nothing But The Truth Timeline
By: Maria Hannoush
Tuesday, March 13

Coach Jamison tells Phil he wants him on the track team. Phil finds out that Allison likes him. He decides that he doesn't like Ms. Narwin (pg.3-4)
Wednsday, March 16
Phillip is switched from Mr. Lunser's homeroom to Ms. Narwin's (pg. 9)
Tuesday, March 20
Ms. Narwin wants to apply for a summer grant-in-aid called "New Approaches to the Teaching of Literature for Today's Students." (pg. 14-15)

Friday, March 23
Phil gets his term grades which are: A in Math, B- in Biology, C in History, B in Health, and D in English (pg. 18-19)
Monday, March 26
Ms. Narwin's request for a grant-in-aid is turned down. Phil finds out that to be on the track team you must have passing grades...his English grade is not a passing grade (pg. 20-24)

Wednsday, March 28
Phil's first day in Ms. Narwin's homeroom. He humms along to the Star Spangled Banner when it is played on the PA system and stops when Ms. Narwin asks him to. (pg. 34-35)
Tuesday, March 29
Phil humms in along to the Satr Spangled Banner in homeroom again, but won't stop when Ms. Narwin asks him to. She sends him to the assistent principal's office. (pg. 49-50)
Friday, March 30
Phil sings the national anthem in homeroom and won't stop when asked to. He gets sent to the assistent principal's office, there he won't apologize and gets suspended for two days. He is also assigned to go back to Mr. Lunser's homeroom. That night Phil and his dad go talk to Ted Griffen (who is running for the school board and is their neighbor) and a reporter for the Manchester Record about how Phil got suspended. (pg. 59-86)

Sunday, April 1
Phil's story is published in the Manchester Record with some mistakes. Ted Griffen talks about the suspension in his speech to the Harrison Sunday Fellowship. (pg. 99-105)

Monday, April 2
Phil's story is picked up by the American Affiliated Press Wire Service and is aired on the Jake Barlow Talk Show, where Jake Barlow tells viewers to mail Ms. Narwin what they think. Telegrams begin to be sent to school officials and Phillip Malloy (pg. 106-131)
Tuesday, April 3
Phillip's english class is switched from Ms. Narwin's to Mr. Keegan's. Dr. Doane suggests to Ms. Narwin that she take the rest of the term off. Mr. Duval calls Ms. Narwin because he wants to get her side of the story.(pg. 159-166)
Wednsday, April 4
Ms. Narwin and Phillip don't go to school and Allison and Todd start a petition to get Phil to say that he was wrong. Ms. Narwin begins to think of resigning. (pg. 169-172)

Friday, April 6
The school budget is defeated and Ted Griffen is elected to the school board. Ms. Narwin's story isn't published becuase a more important one about South Africa came along. (pg. 174-175)
Monday, April 9

Phillip transfers to Washington Academy and finds out that in homeroom they sing the Star Spangled Banner. When he is asked to lead the class in singing it he crys and says, "I don't know the words."
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