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JA company -1st general meeting

No description

gloria hung

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of JA company -1st general meeting

1st general meeting 2012-2013 JA Company 1.St.___________
2.Unique in different languages Company Name 1.Doomsday
2.Uniqueness Mission and Vision Products Smile Tie clip Handmade Accessories Something made of wire For Office Boy / senior girls in SiuMing Bracelets
(set of accessories) Trade Fair 1.Pre-sale (school) on November
Workers will be recruited after the pre-sale.

2.Sale in Central on 15/12

3.Post-sale on February About Corporate social responsibilities
(CRS) Visiting children Problems and Solutions we design the smile faces or take photos ourselves
but we may cannot find so many people to take photos problem 1 copy right we cannot use the photos or picture on the internet Solution post card with many smile faces/ photos Problem 2 Narrow Market it is not necessary,
and not really attractive to people,
they would not buy much, maybe just one or two Solution beautiful design may attract people
( especially schoolmates- they may want to write letter to other) example example Problems and Solutions Problem 1 Narrow market
(in the school) not necessary, only senior girls can use, maybe some junior girls do not want to buy Solution We can have many different design
(maybe we can cooperate with SA) Problem 2 School may not allow us to use tie clip School rules Solution Communicate with the teacher and apply for using tie clip Problems Narrow market people would not buy much because all are the same Solution Use wire in different way, give them guideline, they may buy more for different usage *can be crossover with bracelets examples Problems and Solution Problem 1 Limited time Solution -Hire worker
-production line Problem 2 Loss of skills not all of us have experience of making accessories Solution -Set production line
-hire skilled or experienced worker Problem 3 material difficult to find numerous material to make product (our selling point is unique) Solution -We find material in different places
-Use same material but different design Attention!! bracelets can be made by “something made by wire” For example Bag examples handmade bag Different size for different purpose
students may love to put books and also when they go out Related Video Related video Problems and solutions Problem 1 OL may not interest in it Solution Make different size, they can use in the lunch time
or use it when they are not working Problem 2 Quality easily broken Solution Use the sewing machines and the sewing method which can strongly support the weight Problem 3 Limited time Solution Hire worker Problem 4 Loss of skills not all of us have experience of making bags Solution Set production line or hire skilled or experienced worker
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