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Laura Whitting

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Campaigns

theplace2grow Opened in August 2010, after the closing of the John Lewis Homeless Shelter.

After school program dedicated to at-risk teens in the Quad Cities area.

Offers safe haven for teens to avoid illegal activities.

Services range from counseling to homework and career help.

Community support through monetary, food, and clothing donations

theplace2b needs to raise awareness in advance of fundraising efforts in order to gain more sustainable donors Current Situation "The media telling people not what to think, but what to think about" (Baran and Davis, 2011). Agenda-Setting Creative Pieces History General Information Receives funding through donations and grants.

Local faith communities also a large supporter.

Most teens come from low-income families, single parent households, families with history of drug abuse, prone to violence.

Some have experienced loss of a family member due to gun violence.

Some attend once a week or month, but majority attend every day. Newspaper advertisements: Quad-City Times
Rock Island Argus

Radio advertisements: Mix96 Creative Pieces Social Media Creative Pieces Press Kit Creative Pieces "Moving Forward" Block Party Creative Pieces Reach Out to Faith Community

Social Media

Traditional Media
$60 - four ads on Mix96
$484.68 - Quad-City Times
$89.12 - Rock Island Argus

Press Kit
$10.43 - paper
$16.56 - stamps
$10 - folders
$31.97 - ink
$19.51 - labels

Faith Community
$ 131- paper, posters, ink, etc.
$ for ad in church bulletin

"Moving Forward" Block Party
$13 - invitation post cards
$95 - grill rental
$87.88 - hot dogs, buns, soda, bottles of water Fishbein's Theory of Reasoned Action Technological Determinism "The nature of the dominant communication technology determines the nature of the message and of the society that uses it. It’s the belief that technology shapes society in some ways, including social practices, such as learning (Jones, 2001). Gate-Keeping Theory The powerful process through which events are covered by the mass media Content Analysis Findings Our research showed that theplace2b had lower media coverage in local newspapers when compared to other organizations Content Analysis Allows the associates to look at qualitative information in a quantitative way. The associates were able to evaluate and break up detailed data from local media.

Purpose is to find out how gatekeepers and agenda-setters select which topics are of public interest.

284 articles coded from Quad-City Times and Rock Island Argus newspapers
34 variables coded about theplace2b
Articles ranged from Jan. 1, 2008 - Dec. 31, 2012 Content Analysis Findings Mission "theplace2b’s mission is to help youth, ages 14-18, develop hope, increase resiliency and create successful lives of which they can be proud." theplace2b offers

housing assistance
food needs
career exploration / job training
homework assistance
group and individual counseling
linking to community resources Budget
Total: $0

Total: $633.80

Total: $88.47

Total: $131.00

Total: $195.88 Post updates on all sites regarding "Moving Forward" Block party

Post updates about statistics regarding poverty, teens, gangs, violence. Traditional Media Newspapers can be read in multiple formats.

53 individuals, or 46.1 percent, of 115 participants spend more time reading newspapers online.

51 participants, or 44.3 percent, read the paper version.

Community members are adopting digital technologies to become informed about their communities. theplace2b can use theory to encourage local community to think about the issues it focuses on and the teenagers it helps.

The more fundraising theplace2b does, the more it could potentially be in the public eye.

Important concept to take into consideration when viewing theplace2b’s issues because in order for theplace2b to be viewed as an important organization, the organization must be present in the media. theplace2b The "Moving Forward" Block Party will raise awareness for theplace2b, and in order to get people there, we need to advertise. Thank You! A person’s intention to perform, or not to perform a specific behavior is the immediate determinant of behavior. Conducted interviews with 10 local professionals in a variety of professions.

APRA can determine what factors donors look for when making monetary donations to nonprofit organizations.

The interview analysis and content analysis reveal that people are not aware of theplace2b’s funding need because it is covered very infrequently in the media. Spiral of Silence This event is to commemorate Kion Lewis, a Quad City teen who was shot and killed in a cross fire shooting

Most interviewees stated that they would rather invest in the future of their own community. Children are the future, therefore investing in them is investing in the community

Interviewees- tend to donate to organizations that show progression, this event will show that theplace2b has made progress Facebook
Create private Facebook
Post regularly on private & public
Create YouTube channel
Create blog Social Media Questions? Recommendations In order to create public awareness and sustain donors, we recommend the following: Those who feel that their views are not shared by the majority will keep their ideas to themselves (Hayes & Shen 2009). In an area that may be predominately white and upper class, the issue of gangs, disadvantaged teens, and homelessness may be pushed to the wayside.

After the John Lewis Center closed, it took a strong group of individuals to come together and address the issue of disadvantaged teens in the Quad Cities area.

The media plays a significant role in the perceptions that people have. 1. Advertise with traditional media.

2. Actively use social media websites to connect with local media and publics.

3. Use press kits to keep local media informed.

4. Advertise in church bulletin & within faith community.

5. Host "Moving Forward" block party. Create strong relationships with local gatekeepers. Limiting, controlling, and shaping the public's knowledge of actual event occurring in reality. Press Release Invitations Fact Sheet Backgrounder Speakers Information Maintaining the relationship Contact List Gatekeepers control the flow of information.

Newspapers, television stations and radio stations are all examples of gatekeepers that organizations should work with. Only 15 articles, or 5.7 percent, had theplace2b as the dominant organization.

Of 127 articles, 36 articles (29 percent) were portrayed as overall negative to theplace2b’s reputation.

Of 127 articles, only 24 or 19 percent were portrayed as overall positive to theplace2b’s reputation.

Dominant topics of stories about issues relevant to theplace2b are events (27.1 percent), fundraising or donations (22 percent), gangs (3.9 percent), at-risk populations (2.8 percent), and other topics (15.5) percent.
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