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Blood Wedding Lullaby

No description

Carl Schwarz

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Blood Wedding Lullaby

The Lullaby
What is the significance
of the lullaby in
Blood Wedding? Background Information What is the relationship between
the bride, Leonardo, and the bridegroom? Leonardo & the Bride Love each other but cannot be together
The line between love and hate
Monetary Issues
The inevitable connection
In the text:
First Woodcutter: They lied to each other and to themselves but their blood won. The Bride and The Bridegroom Arranged marriage
He feels compassion, she wants to feel for him, but her heart is somewhere else Nana, baby, nana
there was a great big horse
who wouldn't drink the water.
The water was black
among the reeds and branches. Leonardo IS the horse The horse not drinking the water is the equivalent to Leonardo not making the commitment to his wife or to the bride. The water is represented here as the bride, while the reeds and branches are the obstacles that present themselves between the bride and Leonardo. One of which is his lack of money. Foreshadowing Coming to the bridge
it stops and sings a song This was interpreted as
the moons proclomation of
blood lust when talking to
the beggar woman (death).
Moon: But my icy cheeks will glow tonight
with the warm, red breath of blood Leonardo Bride Bridegroom ???? Wife Who can say, my baby,
what the water hides
walking with her silk train
through her dark, green house? Walking with her silk train through her dark green house is interpreted to be the bride (with Leonardo) when walking through the woods after leaving. silk train = wedding dress
dark, green house = forest
goes back to the fact that the bride = water What the water hides = bride trys to conceal her love for Leonardo Ilfracombe Arts College Wounded his legs,
frozen his mane,
and deep in his eyes
a sharp, silver blade. Deep in his eyes represents the future
A sharp silver blade represents the death of the two men They came to the river,
they ran to the river!
And the blood rushed downstream,
faster than water. Running to the river represents the hasty decision and getaway the the bride and Leonardo made.
The blood rushing downstream represents A) lots of blood & B)the consequence of their decision
Leonardo: I had to say this.
Now go get married. I did. He wouldn't come close
to the wet, reedy banks
with his warm soft muzzle,
in its silver bit.
He would neigh at the mountains
with the river, dead,
wrapped around his throat. Ah, the great big horse
who wouldn't drink the water!
Sorrow made of snow,
horse made out of sunrise! Wet reedy banks represent wife
Neigh at the mountains has sexual connotation (wild stallion) The river wrapped around his throat is the thought of the bride always being in the back of his mind
River being dead represents the bride, and the seemingly passed opportunity for them to be together Sorrow of Leonardo's death but sunrise because his last moments were with/for the woman he loved Stop! Keep away,
and bar all the windows
with a branch of dreams
and a dream of branches. Wife of Leonardo must go back to her home alone (with her sons) and be brave. Mother-in-law says this
You will go to your house.
Brave, alone in your house,
there to get old and weep,
with the doors always shut.
And let the rain and the night fall
on tall, bitter grass.
Wife: But what happened?
It doesn't matter.
Throw a veil over your face.
Your sons are yours alone
and no one else's. On your bed
place a cross of ashes
where he used to rest his head.
Listen. There's only one horse in the world: that one. Leonardo's wife is the one to sing the lullaby There are references within the lullaby that show that she loves him
While sayings by mother-in-law in lullaby are harsher Horse, my baby's head
rests on pure soft down,
in a solid steel bed,
and a spread of lace First two lines and the last line are spoken by the wife, while the third is spoken by the mother-in-law. Example of the wife's tenderness and love towards Leonardo while the mother-in-law has no sympathy and is harsh. Keep away, don't come in!
Go up to the mountains
through the graying valleys
where you'll find your mare. Mother-in-law says this line
Representation of disgrace, Leonardo has chosen to leave and now he cannot come back Sleep my flower blossom
for the horse won't drink.
Sleep my little rosebush,
or the horse will weep. Repetitive! A warning to the baby about Leonardo
First 2 lines spoken by wife, while second 2 are the mother-in-law
Mother-in-law is harsher, used "rosebush" instead of blossom (has thorns)
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