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SKAI.gr cross-media push marketing

Some ideas to promote your brand on the SKAI.gr mobile app

Alex Hobson

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of SKAI.gr cross-media push marketing

SKAI.gr cross-media push marketing
Alex Hobson, 30 October 2013

Some Ideas...
Push Messages & Television
Some Ideas...
What if we add Social to the mix?
iOS app - 53.000 active users
Android app - 23.000 active users
Smart TV
Four layers
Real-time interaction between live shows and app
Programmed messages displayed on TV can lead users to activity on the app
Messages on the app can alert users to events on TV
Push message sent at specific time
Message remains in app inbox
Users are led to direct action on their device
Apps can generate social interaction between users and your brand
Great way to build awareness of your social presence and increase fans/followers
Drive users to below-the-line events
Send your message at specific locations
Real World
Alert users about a new car presented on Traction when the show is on TV
Traction can display a message asking users to download the SKAI app in order to access behind-the-scenes videos
Alert users that a recipe with your product is cooking now on TV
Send them the whole recipe and the video after the show is finished
Chef On Air
Communicate your movie trailer while it's playing on TV
Send pictures of celebrities in your brand's clothes at the same time they are on TV
A message appears during the show instructing viewers to check their app for a push message with a special hashtag #wehatelannisters
Viewers must follow your brand on Twitter and tweet that hashtag, so they can get a special discount on DVDs, books and other show items
Game Of Thrones
Push alert announces a guest on the show with a Facebook page address
The guest talks about the new project or product he's promoting and asks viewers to like the page that was just sent in the app
Don't forget the real world!
Some Ideas...
Push alert for the next charity event with iCal link and message to tweet & post so volunteers can help spread the message
Users can send pictures of the event which will be posted on SKAI.gr and displayed on the TV news
Corporate Social Responsibility
TV shows can instruct viewers to visit a store
When the user visits the store, SKAI app sends a push alert with a special coupon code
Shoppers can show that code to the cashier to get their discount
Location-based messages
84.8% use a computer
9.6 % use a smartphone
5.6 % use a tablet
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