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Conor O'Reilly

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Greek

By Max, Conor and Ruben

Greek Medicines / Surgery
Greek mathematics was a complex symbol system. Greek maths was founded in 1900BCE which includes the number systems.
There are two different types of number systems the Attic system witch was founded in 100BCE.
The alphabetical system
The alphabetical system replaced the Attic system much later.
This system was very confusing because they used letters from the actual alphabet and put apostrophes in to symbolize the zeros.
Basic treatments
The basic techniques hippocrates found may have saved hundred of people. These techniques he discovered were very simple and were easy, they included:•
For chest diseases - barley soup, plus vinegar and honey, which would bring up phlegm.
• For pain in the side - dip a large soft sponge in water and apply gently. If the pain has reached the collar bone, then bleeding near the elbow is recommended until the blood flows bright red.
For pneumonia - give the patient a bath, it relieves pain and helps him bring up phlegm. The patient must remain completely still in the bath.

Basic discovery of medicine
Development of Temples
Greeks started making caves into temples, they also thought that the spirits lived there!

In the 8th century BC, small houses were made. They were the first "official" temples.

Gradually, the Greeks made larger buildings that were supported more by timber.
The Building Site
The Greeks used stone from quarries for most of their buildings. Columns were made from long blocks of stone, and they were carved to make decorative lines.
Cranes were used to lower heavy things into place.
Statues were mostly made out of gold, to symbolize Greece’s wealth.
Statues of God's were big, with lots of detail.
Statue of Athena
(Goddess of Wisdom)
Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are only a few of the Greek Gods. There are hundreds of Gods from the Goddess of Love to the God of Wine.
From 3000BCE to 2000CE
The Parthenon
Greek mathematicians

There where a number of different ancient
Greek mathematicians. Including Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes, Thales and Plato. Archimedes
was the most important.
Archimedes of Syracuse was an Ancient greek mathematician, , physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. he was one of the best ever mathematicians to live.
Born: 287 BC
Died: 212 BC

Dangers of medicines and treatments
Very many dangers stood in medicine. Sometimes wrong treatment was given and they became more ill. Sometimes when patients were bleed, they lost to much blood.

Many mistakes could have occured in medicine procedures but today modern medicine has worked of this and is now not dangerous.
More information
The Greeks where also the first to use leeches
since they found that they could break down blood clots, but we didn't know how until the 1980's when they started studying the leeches saliva.

Hippocrates built a school to teach other surgeons about his discovery, they where also the first to medical terms such as acute, chronic, epidemic, etc.
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CONOR: Malam, J & Bergin, M 2001, An Ancient Greek Temple, The Salariya Book Company Ltd, Brighton.
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Max: http://archimedespalimpsest.org/about/history/archimedes.php
Interview With Archimedes

The Most Important Legacy
The most important legacy is
Greek Mathematics.
Because Greek Mathematics has had a big influence on the world, and people.
Medicine and surgery where one of the most extreme discoveries ever because people could get sick and die from diseases. Hippocrates wanted to find out why and how people got ill and died therefore becoming the father of medicine.
Many people in Greece got ill and died and Hippocrates - as a surgeon - decided to try and find out why and how humans got ill. He started dissecting dead, healthy bodies and dead, sicked bodies. He discovered that when we got sick, flem or reflux would start to build up in our throats or stomachs. Eventually, if it build up to much, we would vomit. By this stage he had wokred out how our body reacted to sickness.

He then found that if he extracted the throat flem it would make the patient feel better but no completely, it was a start. He then also dicovered that certain herbs and other substances like honey could also sooth peoples sicknesses.
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