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Netflix - Database Project

Rachel & Ian - Business Databases

Rachel Mao

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Netflix - Database Project

Improvement opportunities Questions? Netflix Database Project Presented by:
Ian Doubleday & Ruohan Mao A new Clint Eastwood movie is about to be released into movie theaters. Netflix expects that there will be an increase in customers wanting to watch Clint Eastwood movies. They want to check which titles starring Clint Eastwood (as either a Star or a Costar) are currently carried by the company so they can assess whether not to acquire licenses for additional titles. Netflix is trying to decide where to open its next distribution center. It wants to know which states have the largest number of Netflix customers before it makes this decision, which will be an important criterion in the decision. Sample Reports Sample Use #3 The company wants to ascertain which Genre of movie is most popular, so that it can make a better informed strategy for future acquisitions. Company Overview Sample Use #2 Sample Use #1 ERD Reed Hastings, 1997
Analytics-based business
Pioneer: streaming movies
DVD-by-mail & Streaming Plans
Recommendation Algorithm Project Purpose Assumptions A customer can only have one account.
Only streaming movies & DVDs, no TV shows.
Transactional information & Recommendation Algorithm will not be addressed.
Business Rules 1. A customer can have one account, and an account can be owned by one customer.
2. A customer can watch many streaming movies, and a streaming movie can be viewed by many customers.
3. A customer can rent many DVDs, and a DVD can be rented by multiple customers.
4. A movie can have only one director, but a director can direct many movies.
5. A movie can have one star, and a star can be in many movies. Business Rules 6. A movie can have one Co-star, and a co-star can act in many movies.
7. A movie can be listed in one or more genres, and a genre can contain many programs.
8. A customer can rent zero or more DVDs, and a DVD can be rented by many customers.
9. A customer can have only one plan type, but a plan type can be attributed to many customers.
10. A movie can have one type, but a type may be attributed to many movies.
More Data
The Actor Problem Thanks!
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