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English Speaking

No description

Billie Baird

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of English Speaking

Billie Baird Medical testing on
patients in children's
homes. Aston Hall Hospital Aston Hall Hospital was started in 1924
to house patients with mental health
problems, but used two seperate blocks for a children's home, one for boys and one for girls. My mum was sent to this home at age 12. Dr Milner Narco Analysis A person is abe to lie by using their
imagination, in the Narco Analysis test, the subjects imagination is neutralised by making them semi-conscious. In this state, it becomes
difficult for them to lie and their answers
would be restricted to facts they are
already aware of. Waterhouse inquiery Investigations are taking place
now to review claimes of abuse
in the 1970s/80s at the former
Byrne Estyn childrens home in
North Wales. "I am doing some research on
Aston Hall psychiatric hospital
l and am trying to find anyone
who worked there or was a
patient in the 1960s and early
1970s. In particular, can anyone
remember a psychiatrist called
Dr Milner or anything else
about the place?"
-Fiona Dawson, reporter for the telegraph newspaper. Dr Milner was the psychiatrist at Aston Hall Hospital. He would use the children to test the effects of Narco Analysis, simply because in the 1970s, the children in children's homes were easier to get a hold of and no one really cared. his family was so ashamed of what he did they distroyed all files of him. "i remeber, if he said to you 'no tea tonight', you knew you were going to the cell and you dreaded it. i could hear him whealing the trolly down the hallway, it was teriffying. he would lay me down on the rubber bench and inject me with something. then it went black. then i remember wearing a mask and him dripping ethol on it, then i'd wake up in my bed the next morning, and be told i couldn't go to lessons that day. we didn't know what was going on, it was just called treatment."
- My Mum.
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