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Computer History - an overview

Click on 'play', then right-arrow to follow the flow.

Stacey Gridley

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of Computer History - an overview

The abacus 2 AD
Human Hand
Twigs and Pebbles
Salamis tablet
300 BC
3000 BC
Aztec version
Computer History: Ancient times
Mechanical Computing: 1600-1900
Schickard's Calculating Clock
Blaise Pascal - The Pascaline
1642, add and subtract
very expensive!
Charles Xavier Thomas' Arithometer
1820: add, subtract,
multiply and divide!
Joseph-Marie Jacquard
Punched cards (loom)
Charles Babbage: Used punched cards idea to create the
Analytical Engine in 1837
Herman Hollerith's "computer" 1890. Used for the U.S. Census
Boole: Binary System 1847
Early Computers: 1900-1950
ABC (Atanasoff-Berry Computer, 1942) first to use the
vacuum tube to run.

Colossus (1943) used for decoding
German messages in WWII

ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
1945 was built for WWII. Weighed 80 tons and used 1800 square feet of floor space. Jean Bartik was one of six female mathematicians who created programs for the ENIAC.

Modern Computers 1950-present
Transistors replace Vacuum tubes, 1947
result: smaller, more efficient computers
Integrated Circuits (1958)
HOME PC's 1980
World Wide Web - Internet 1989
Today: laptops, smartphones,
mobile learning devices.

More info!
Ada Lovelace: first real programmer. Assistant to Babbage.
Grace Hopper - Computer Programmer who developed COBOL in 1959 . She is considered the Queen of Software.
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