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Effects drinks have on our teeth

Using egg shells compare the effects different drinks have on our teeth.

Mackenzie Newborn

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Effects drinks have on our teeth

The effects drinks
have on our teeth. By: Mackenzie
8th grade
Mrs. Bryant Hypothesis Experimental Design Procedure Everyone loves a nice cup of coffee or tea, in fact most of us start our mornings with a cup of coffee. Did you know these beverages can harm our teeth? They have an impact on our dental health.So, what is it about tea and coffee that make them so damaging to teeth? The answer is acid. The acid found in these drinks attacks the enamel in our teeth and causes the tooth enamel to break down over time. These drinks can also stain our teeth. Some drinks such as soda and orange juice can dissolve the enamel on our teeth. The only drinks that will not damage our teeth are milk and water. So the next time you have a soda, cup of coffee or anything besides milk or water make sure you brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth after every meal will help reduce some of the effects from our drinks. Materials Websites used:


http://blogs.realhealthmag.com/marilyncalvo/2010/10/can_the_beverages_im_drinking.html Using 6 different drinks I placed an egg shell in
each cup. The purpose is to see the effects drinks
have on our teeth. I think that coffee is going to stain the most. Next I think will be tea, kool-aid, soda, and juice.I do not think water will stain at all. Controlled variables: the egg shells are the same in each cup (1/2 a shell cleaned out)

Independent variables: the drinks are different in each cup

Dependent variable: the staining on the egg shell. *6 cups * 6 clean egg shells
*mt.dew *tea
*water *coffee
*tropical punch kool-aid
*apple juice 1) wash out 6 egg shells
2) place different drinks in 6 cups
3) place (1)clean egg shell into each cup
4) check shells every day for a week and
mark any changes or staining. Tea, coffee, and kool aid day 1 water, mt.dew and apple juice tea, coffee, kool aid tea, coffee, kool aid day 6
water, mt.dew and apple juice tea, coffee, kool aid day 7
water, mt.dew and apple juice tea, coffee, kool aid tea, coffee and kool aid day 2
water, mt.dew, apple juice day 3
water, mt.dew and apple juice day 4
water, mt.dew and apple juice tea, coffee, kool aid day 5
water, mt.dew and apple juice

I was partly right water did not stain at all. Soda only stained the inside not the outside. Juice made the shell fragile and it stared peeling. Tea lightly stained the shell and made the shell fragile. Coffee stained but also had a filmy cover. Kool-aid stained the most and made the shell soft.
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