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Marks and Spencer (P3,M2,P4,D2)

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Adrian Dieguez

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Marks and Spencer (P3,M2,P4,D2)

Marks and Spencer (P3,M2)
How Marks and Spencer use Marketing Research to contribute to their marketing plans...
Marks and Spencer do many thing to market which effects their overall business plan. M&S to market by using surveys for example and once they get the results back they discover that customers want more Birds Eyes Chicken Dippers than is currently being sold and their business plan would change from the investing of another product to the extra purchase of Chicken Dippers. However different aspects can be analyzed to change what happens in your business plan like M&S no longer want to advertise McCoy's crisps so that they can then advertise a different product. They would change the product from something to a more reliable, more potential to be better and gain money and also that it is a new product so more advertisement would convince them more to buy this new product as no one has had it yet. So many aspects of marketing can change an entire business plan for
marketing and as the big picture is to increase
revenue and make more money as well as
to be able to keep the customer
happy at all costs.
The limitations of marketing research used to contribute to marketing plans...
Marks and Spencer are limited by how they can market in general. One of the main things that change company's activities are the limitations and constraint of The Sales Of Good Act 1979 which means that any good that is sold can be given back if it is faulty which also means that a store cannot sell some cheap knock off jewelery for a high price and then the consumer cannot return it. Also there are many other acts to protect both businesses and customers so no one gets exploited by anybody. There is also the constraint of Marks and Spencer that they cannot advertise anything that would be classed as adult content as children may be watching and that could traumatize them. Also
when it comes to advertisement there is a strict
rule that you may not offend anyone's race,
religion or sexual identity as it is found
as offensive and in some cases
very much illegal.
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