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Warriors: The New Prophecy; Sunset

No description

Nazir Carter

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Warriors: The New Prophecy; Sunset

Warriors: The New Prophecy; Sunset
The book I have used for my project is "Warriors: The New Prophecy;Sunset" This book is about different groups of cats that are warriors called Clans. The different Clans are, ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and StarClan.
ThunderClan's main charcters are Brambleclaw, Squirrelght, Leafpool, Firestar, Ashfur, and Brightheart. Firestar is the leader of this Clan. Firestar is also Leafpool and Squirrelflight's father. Warriors in this Clan are Brambleclaw, Squirrrelflight, Ashfur, and Brightheart.
ThunderClan and badgers are total enemies. In the book it doesn't tell why they are enemies. Out of every Clan ThunderClan is the main Clan. In the story Leafpool tries to find her lost sister Cinderpelt. Will she find her, read the book to find out.
RiverClan's main characters are Leopardstar, Mistyfoot, and Swollowtail. Leopardstar is the leader of this Clan. Mistyfoot is her deputy. Swollowtail is a warrior. This Clan helps any Clan that needs help. For excample, when ThunderClan was attacked by badgers, RiverClan sent warrios to help them.
ShadowClan isn't a big part in this book, and is only mentioned once in the book.
WindClan's main characters are Onestar, Ashfoot, and Crowfeather. Onestar is the leader. Ashfoot is his deputy. Crowfeather is a warrior, and Leafpools ex-boyfriend. This is another Clan that helps another Clan when they need help. This Clan also helped when ThunderClan needed help when they were attacked by badgers.
StarClan is a group of cats that see other cat's future. StarClan's main cats are Smoky and Floss. These two cats do half their job. They don't give detail to the cats about their future.
Prezi By Nazir Carter
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