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Ansel Easton Adams

Famous Photographer

Sarah Jensen

on 2 April 2011

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Transcript of Ansel Easton Adams

Ansel Easton Adams Leaf, Glacier Bay
Original Ansel Adams photograph Dogwood Blossoms
Original Ansel Adams photograph Leaves, Mt. Rainier
Original Ansel Adams photograph Tetons and the Snake River
Original Ansel Adams photograph The California Street Firehouse
Original Ansel Adams photograph "Church, Taos Pueblo"
By Ansel Adams, New Mexico, 1942 "Boulder Dam, 1942"
By Ansel Adams, Nevada "In Glacier National Park"
By Ansel Adams, Montana, 1941 McDonald Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana. View with rock formation in foreground, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. Baton practice at the Manzanar War Relocation Center, 1943 Evening, McDonald Lake, Glacier National Park (1942) Mirror Lake Acoma Pueblo AcomaPueblo Mazanar volleyball Tractor-repair MANZ entrance Born: February 20, 1902(1902-02-20)
San Francisco, California,

Died: April 22, 1984 (aged 82)
Monterey, California

Education homeschooling, grammar school

Occupation Photographer and Conservationist

Children: Michael, Anne
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