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Matthew Bourne's The Nutcracker

No description

sophie b

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Matthew Bourne's The Nutcracker

Matthew Bourne
The Story
Matthew Bourne's The Nutcracker
The Dance Company
The Nutcracker was first performed in 1992 by Adventures in Motion Pictures founded in 1987 by Matthew Bourne after he graduated from the Laban Centre in south London. The company expanded gradually from Spitfire (onoe his first productions), which was a production for four dancers to The Nutcracker, which used a full company of thirty-odd dancers. Bourne left in 2001 , and the company later dissolved.
The Nutcracker is now performed by New Adventures, founded by Matthew Bourne in 2002.
The setting
Act One starts in the Orphanage
Sugar enters and opens the locked cupboard,
standing there is the toy soldier, only now he is alive and the size of a real-life man. Sugar screams
and runs out, the orphans are scared of him but they realise that he is
Clara is one of the unfortunate children entrusted to the care of the Dross home. Dross and his Wife ,Matron ,treat the orphans like prisoners.the Dross's own two children, Sugar and Fritz, tease and torment them. It is christmas day and Sugar and Fritz open their Christmas presents in front of the orphans, but refuse to share them. The Governors are expected at the orphanage so the orphanage is decorated & party hats are given out to the children. The Governors bring a basket of toys to be distributed as presents for the children Clara receives a Nutcracker doll and is delighted with the doll, but as she dances with it Sugar and Fritz return. Sugar is envious of Clara's doll, so ,she and Fritz struggle with Clarain an attempt to take it from her. In the struggle the doll is broken. Sugar immediately loses interest, but Clara is heartbroken. The other orphans come to her aid, and fix the doll for her. The Dross's return, collecting back all the toys before sending the children to bed. But Clara cannot sleep without her doll and sneaks out of bed to retreive it. She steals the keys for the store cupboard but is disturbed just as she is about to open it. She hides under a bed as Sugar returns, intent on stealing the doll herself. Sugar opens the cupboard, then runs off as a lifesize nutcracker steps out. The Nutcracker breaks open the wall of the orphanage to show Clara a better world outside. The Dross's come to investigate the disturbance, but the children rebel and with the aid of the Nutcracker they overcome and restrain them. The Nutcracker then transforms into a human and they head off to Sweetieland. Outside they arrive at a frozen lake. Sugar arrives as a beautiful princess and, true to form, steals the Nutcracker away from Clara, leaving her alone.
Act one
Act two
Two cupids stumble upon Clara at the frozen lake and present her with a new ,beautiful dress.Encouraged, Clara continues to follow the Nutcracker on the road to Sweetieland. There she sees Sugar and the Nutcracker disappear inside, but when she tries to follow them the doorman, a giant humbug, bars her way because she has no ticket. Stuck outside, she watches other patrons arriving - the Liqourice Allsorts, the Knickerbocker Glory, and the Marchmallow Girls. She tries to sneak in with them but the doorman sees her each time and keeps her out. Then the Gobstoppers arrive and distract the doorman with their crazy antics. Clara takes the opportunity and rushes inside. Inside Sweetieland, celebrations are going on for a wedding between Sugar and the Nutcracker. Clara tries to intervene but is unable to attract the Nutcracker's attention. Even the cupids best efforts firing arrow after arrow have no effect. Sugar and the Nutcracker are married , heartbroken , clara is then caught and kicked out by the humbug. The scene changes and Clara finds herself back at the orphanage. Life, it seems, is back to normal but then she finds her handsome prince has been there waiting for her all along and they escape from the orphanage together.
The Choreographer
Matthew Bourne was born on 13 January 1960 and is an English choreographer. His work includes contemporary dance and dance theatre. He has received multiple awards and nominations, including the Laurence Olivier Award, Tony Award and Drama Desk Award. Hismost famous works are "the Nutcracker" , "Swan Lake" and "Edward ScissorHands".Bourne was a late starter in dance - he took his first class at 22, and founded his own company because he was convinced his age made him unemployable as a dancer
Clara is the main character
Act Two is set in Sweetie Land
and then progresses to a frozen lake
The Nutcracker
begins as a fellow orphan

is then introduced as a toy for clara
He becomes life size in a dream(?) that Clara has.
who becomes :Queen Candy
Dr Dross

who becomes : King sherbert
Sugar and Fritz
Become :Princess Sugar
And Prince Bon Bon
The Humbug Bouncer
The Liquorice All sorts
The Gobstoppers
The Knickerbocker Glory
The Marshmallows
Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker is now considered to be a classic and is celebrating its 23rd anniversary
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