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Interactive Whiteboard

No description

Stephanie Stamp

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboards Many different types 2 types
StarBoard FX Duo Used in...
Meeting rooms
Commonly used in education its a large interactive display that connects a computer and a projector Also know as a IWB Uses marker like things to write, draw, etc Black, Blue, Red, and Green are the normal colors of markers that come with the IWB can only use one marker at a time introduced in 1991, the smart board was the first interactive whiteboard to provide touch control of a computer applicate Smartboard is an interactive whiteboard made by Smart Technologies one out of seven classrooms are expected to have an IWB by the year 2011 26% of british schools already have IWB IWBs are used to replace traditional whiteboards you can print pages off the IWBs Starboard is going for about $1,600 one of the kinds of IWB that you can get Starboard FX Duo most models of the Smartboard comes with a pen trey to hold the markers and easer Smartboards and starboard fx duo also are used in court rooms Pen Tray IWB industry was expected to reach sales of $1 billion worldwide by 2008 THE END!!!!
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