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Guess Who

No description

Toben Alexander

on 6 June 2010

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Transcript of Guess Who

Guess Who? - Describing Appearences Who is it? Is it a woman? Is he ugly? Does he have black hair? Is he wearing a mask? Is he wearing blue and red? No, he isn't.
He's a man. No, he isn't. No, he isn't.
He's handsome. Yes, he does. Yes, he is. It's Superman! Who is it? Is it a woman? Is he wearing a mask? Is he happy? Does he have a blue mask? No, he isn't.
He's a man. Yes, he is. Yes, he does. No, he isn't.
He's angry. It's Batman! A: Excuse me, officer. B: Hello. How may I help you? A: I'm looking for my _________. B: Ok. What's she/he wearing? A: She's/He's wearing ___________. B: Oh! She's/He's __________. blue jeans
brown sneakers
white pants
a pink skirt
a green cap
a yellow dress
a black shirt
a yellow sweatshirt holding a ball
sitting on the bench
looking at the elephants
over there
right here Today's Learning Objectives 1. Students are able to communicate with others using target expressions.
2. Students are able to ask and answer questions about the picture: What's he wearing?
3. Students are able to describe people's appearances or emotions. Role Play subject + be + adjective I am smart.
He is crazy.
She is cute.
We are tall.
They are short.
The hat is red. question form:
be + subject + adjective Are you crazy?
Am I pretty?
Is he ugly? present continuous form:
subject + be +'v'ing He is wearing glasses.
She is wearing a pink skirt. Grammar Zone Super Happy fun Time!
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