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Earthquake Machine

No description

Adrienne Ash

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Earthquake Machine

Earthquake Machine
Step 1
Set the block on the paper so that the back edge of the block is lined up with the edge of the paper.
Step 2
Line up the meter stick so that the front (leading) edge of the block is at 0 cm. Make sure there is space between the block and the meter stick so that the block won't bump into the meter stick as you do the experiment.
Step 3
Put a pencil through the loop at the end of the rubber band chain. Put the pencil far enough through the loop that you can touch the meter stick with the tip of the pencil.
Step 4
Position the pencil so that the rubber band chain is straight, but is not being stretched. (In other words, you should not be pulling on the. rubber band.)
Step 5
Slowly stretch the rubber band by moving the tip of the pencil 1 cm at a time. This works best if you actually touch the meter stick with the tip of the pencil as you move it.

Observe the position of the front (leading) edge of the block as you do this.
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