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Portfolio of Nick Bathla

Nick Bathla

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of NICKBATHLA.COM

Nick Bathla's E-Portfolio

Online Marketing Professional http://www.nickbathla.com INDIA ELEVATE - One of the
Top ten Nightclubs in Asia - Promotion of Events through Online media channels

- Buzz about the events amongst the targeted club going audience.

- Massive use of social network sites, applications used by the audience.

- BRAND RECALL through active participation and regular presence all over the online media channels used by the targetted audience the most. - BRAND AWARENESS, BRAND INTRODUCTION, the newly launched magazine was INTRODUCED to the tageted audience through popular online media channels.

- Highlighted and communicated the attractive points in a creative ways.

- Use of Online contests to introduce more people and engage the audience with the BRAND. Social Media Monitoring through use of smart internet applications.

Browsing all across related forums, blog, social media platforms, communities etc to record and classify conversations about the brand.

Tracking interactions and threads about the brand and the competitor's brand all across the relevant channels. Corporate Blogging.

Brand Positioning with the help of corporate blog created, maintained and promoted.

Outstanding reach to the targeted audience measure with in depth web analytics reports.

Overall Online Reputation Management. Kingfisher Aviation Brand Recall and Brand reinforcement to the target audience with the help of various online media channels.

Use of new applications across facebook to create brand presence and communicate brand's unique features to the target audience. KISS Films BRAND AWARENESS, BRAND INTRODUCTION, to the tageted audience through popular online media channels,facebook being the major channel used. Google pay per click advertisments, proper keyword research.

Competitor analysis and formation of pay per click ads to increase registration on the job portal.

Targeted more registrations through targeted email marketing campaigns. SERVICES
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