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No description

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Animation

Do not need to be professional to try out animation!
Daily Life of an Animator
Prepare Now!
Work Environment
Sample of making a basic speech animation
Starting from the frown, the dragon then says...
Starting Salaries
Starts out from about $18,000 to $29,600.

Salary can raise to about $44,460
The daily work of a Pixar animator is enjoyable, but can also be challenging
Depending on what tasks are presented, a day can range from simple to difficult
Resilience and the ability adapt to different situations is important
Filming, guest lectures, and normal classes
Work on projects to improve skills and pitch ideas
Pilots can be made to present to larger animation companies who can possibly work with you to create a cartoon
"Thanks for watching"
Arts, Audio-Video Technology and Communications
Make storyboards to "map out" each scene
Animators often have to work in groups

Create animations by using computer programs
More experience = more money
Bachelor's Degree (Fine Art or Animation)
Multimedia art (more than one method of drawing, ex: digital art, pencil, painting
Geometry, three-dimensional modeling experience recommended
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