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Reading Smart Start

Introduce routines and procedures for Wonders Series

Bobby Jeter

on 11 August 2013

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Transcript of Reading Smart Start

Reading Wonders Smart Start
Learn the Procedures for Our Reading Block
We are starting a new reading series this year entitled "Wonders" from McGraw-Hill reading. We are going to review our typical week in whole group and small group instruction.
Introduce the Concept
Essential Question-"What discoveries can people make when they
cooperate with others?"
Weekly concepts to discuss and read about.
Explain the word
. What is it?
Discuss the topic of
. What are they?
So when people cooperate with each other and share ideas they can discover new things about themselves or others.
Talk About It-
Why is cooperating with others on a team a good way to accomplish a goal?
Use the academic language in your discussion. Model the word web for the students.
Collaborative Conversations: What are they?
Vocabulary Routine
Make a Vocabulary Foldable

-What is the meaning of the word "
-You must work very hard to succeed at something.
-What did you work hard at to succeed? What words mean the same or nearly the same as succeed? What words mean the opposite of succeed?

Shared Reading
Literature-"Kaffa's Discovery"
First reading together to see what the author has to say. Take notes on words you don't know or understand.
Read the story with students. Discuss the purpose and genre of the selection to analyze the text.
What did we learn today?
In order to Access Complex Texts:
1. Identify the purpose of the text.
2. Define genre.
3. Look at the text organization.
4. Connect to the text by inferring
and synthesizing material.
5. Examine sentence structure.
I can read fluently and comprehend non-fiction literature
Collaborative Conversations
Take Turns Talking-wait, raise hand, ask others
Listen Carefully-look, respect, repeat ideas
Add New Ideas-connect, prior knowledge
Wrap it up
Let's Practice

Access Complex Text
What are folktales?

Folktales are tales passed down from parents to children.
They help the reader understand the teller's culture.
Purpose-to teach a lesson or moral.
Access Complex Text

Why does Kaffa think he should be the leader instead of Annie?
What happens when Kaffa and his sister Mandi argue about who should be leader?
What does Annie tell Kaffa?
What does Kaffa learn?
6. Specific vocabulary such as
similes, metaphors, etc.
Monday August 12, 2013
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