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Do you like turtles?

Tristan Dunn

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of TMNT

I like Turtles Of the teenage mutant ninja type. Donatello Michelangelo Raphael Leonardo Wears Purple In one episode he was the only one able to face
Dr. Stockman He is too nosey He can work computer consoles Known as the "brains" of the group Wears Orange He's too clumsy He can fly through air He can only face Hun in the lobby of Shredder's Skyscraper Mistook what Splinter said for gumbo. Uses nunchucks He is a good spirted fun lover He loves pizza the most. He was the one to have to watch out for the other turtles turned into kids. He wore Red. He is the hot-headed emotional sort. He was once turned into a child. He used sais. The teams "bad boy" He speaks in a Brooklyn Accent. He wore blue. He was an outspoken do good leader. He was turned into a child in one of the episodes. He used Katanas. He is the oldest of the four. He is the most skilled fighter of all the turtles. He was named after Leonardo Da Vinci. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
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