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The Difference Between Idioms and Hyperboles

Explains the differences between Idioms and Hyperboles

Nathan Kulmann

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of The Difference Between Idioms and Hyperboles

A hyperbole is a poetic device that uses extreme exaggeration and contains more than one meaning. It is often used with jokes and is found in advertisements for products or companies.

EX1: I am so hungry I could eat a whole horse!

EX2: Old Mr. Rickenstien has been teaching here since the Stone Age!
Idiom Game

Directions: Choose the correct meaning to the idiom.
Hyperbole Video
An idiom is a sentence or a phrase the has a literal and a figurative meaning. Many people from other countries have trouble understanding idioms and might take the literally. For example, if you say that someone kicked the bucket, they might invision a person actually kicking a bucket down the street instead of the figurative meaning which means that someone has died. What is confusing is that an idiom can start off as a hyperbole.

EX1: The new car cost an arm and a leg

ANS1: Means you had to give up alot for the car.
Please Take Out Your Notebooks To Take Notes and Turn To a Fresh Page
The Difference Between Idioms and Hyperboles
This person is as tall as a skyscraper
Find which example is an idiom and which is a hyperbole! Write H for hyperbole and I for idiom.

1. My grandmother walks slower than a turtle. _________________
2. Mrs. Smith is sick as a dog. ____________
3. It's raining cats and dogs. ____________
4. The girl across the street is taller than the Empire State Building. __________
Do Together
1. Bob always likes to be in the spotlight. __________
2. The Super Bowl is watched by more than a kazilion people. __________
3. When you are writing an essay you have to run it through a fine-tooth comb to make sure it is flawless. __________
4. When I mean buisness, I MEAN BUISNESS. ___________
5. The little baby's screaming is louder than a fire alarm. __________
Do Independitly
Directions: As above write I for idiom and H for hyperbole but do these examples independetly.

1. That home work is a piece of cake. __________
2. The bear is bigger than the state of New York. __________
3. If you don't stop bothering me, I'll give you a taste of your own medicine. __________
4. When your in trouble you never want to add fuel to the fire. __________
5. John has more money than the president. __________
6. If I don't get a good grade I will die. _________
7. We will have to race against the clock to finish on time. __________
8. I have a million things to do. __________
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