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Chapter 9 Lesson 4

No description

Antony Ritton

on 7 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 9 Lesson 4

Chapter 9
Lesson 4 Leaving their homelands Farming Tribes Leave Fight in Massacre Canyon Ponca "Trailof Tears" The Ponca had to leave their land
in the Niobrara and travel down
to Oklahoma. They didnt have many horses so many travelled by foot. The weather was bad so it made this trip deadly. Omaha Indians Joseph La Flesche Son of a French fur trader and
an Omaha woman, he became
chief of the Omaha tribe. He was
known as "Iron Eye." What La Flesche wanted for his Tribe/Family He wanted tribe to be Christians
He wanted to live in wooden houses
He wanted everyone to go to school
-he wanted the to make a difference

Most of all he wanted them to know, love and remember their culture.

Standing Bear Extra Informtion Standing Bear was Ponca's Chief when his people had to move from Niobrara to Oklahoma.
That journey was called? "trail of tears" Standing Bear's son died on
the journey and he promised that he would bury his son back on the land by the Niobrara. U.S. Government heard of this plan and ordered a general to arrest Standing Bear for coming back on the land he didnt belong. Crook couldnt do the act he was
ordered and told Standing Bear to
take the issue to court. Standing bear won and this marked the first time a Native American was considered a person under the law.
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