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Exercise Science

No description

Anastasia Nolan

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Exercise Science

A professional who looks after the specialized dietary needs of athletes Promotes health by enabling people to perform meaningful and purposeful occupations.

Includes(but are not limited to):
Self care
Community Activities
Physical Therapist, Cardiac Rehabilitation, and Occupational Therapist all deal with optimizing and individuals fitness after injury. Nutrition Sports Nutritionist Rehabilitation Link Rehabilitation Physical Therapist Occupational Therapist Deals with the treatment or management of physical disability, malfunction, or pain by exercise, massage, hydrotherapy, etc., without the use of medicines, surgery, or radiation. A branch of rehabilitation medicine dealing with optimizing physical function in patients with cardiac and pulmonary diseases Cardiac Rehabilitation Personal Trainers work individually with clients, helping them devise custom exercise plans to help them achieve their physical fitness goals. Personal Trainers make sure that their clients are doing exercises correctly and sometimes also give diet and lifestyle suggestions when they are relevant to the fitness plan. Since exercise and nutrition are both a part of this job, it fits nicely into the field of Exercise Science.
Physiologists with a specific interest in the physiology of exercise are called exercise physiologists. Their duties include monitoring and assessing cardiovascular and metabolic effects and mechanisms of exercise, replenishment of fluids during exercise, and exercise for cardiac and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Where's the Connection? Nutrition

The occupations that relate to exercise science includes one or more of the above areas.

5 6 slide 4 What is Exercise Science? Exercise Science is a scientific discipline that tries to understand the links between fitness, exercise, diet and health

Exercise science majors study the science of the human movement The History of Exercise Science Before it's too late! Get in shape. . . for good health is one of the keys to success "YES" I hope that you answered resoundingly Can you touch your toes without bodily harm? Can you throw a ball without breaking your arm? Can you run a mile without stopping to eat? Can you exercise without falling asleep? Good Morning Exercise to Stay Alive Observations on the importance of Exercise science were made by famous personalities like Hippocrates, Galen, Aulus Cornelius Celsus, etc.

Laws and theories were developed. Various papers were developed to emphasize Exercise Science.

Studies were made on muscles and fibers that are used during exercises.

Various organizations and councils were formed to create awareness and spread the value of fitness

Cellular biology and molecular biology were implemented as part of exercise science; and women were included in scientific studies. Second half of the 20th century: In the Beginning. . . Early 20th century: During the BC, 129-210 A.D and early 16th century: Mid 20th Century: Exercise Science is a scientific discipline that tries to understand the links between: Strength and conditioning coaches work with individual athletes, sports teams, and even athletic departments to enhance performance and prevent injury. These coaches work on the professional, collegiate, and high school level. Since the main goal of a Strength and Conditioning Coach is to enhance their players performance, this sets this job into the Exercise Science field.
Group exercise instructors lead groups of people in fitness activities including aerobics, strength training, weight lifting, yoga and cardiovascular routines. Helping other people get into shape falls perfectly into the Exercise Science field. Personal Trainer 1970: Group Fitness Instructor Strength & Conditioning Coach What is Exercise Science? Exercise science majors study the science of the human movement. Fitness Exercise Diet Health Biomechanics Biomechanical Engineering Exercise Physiologist An interdisciplinary field of science that applies the rules and principles of mechanical engineering to biological systems such as the human body. It combines elements of many disciplines, including biology, engineering, physics, chemistry, and mathematics to better understand how physical forces influence living organisms. Since this job deals with applying science to the human body it fits into the Exercise Science field perfectly. PresentationCreated by: Jessica Turner
Eric Gniewkowski
Anastasia Nolan
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