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Growing Success with turnitin.com

No description

Aaron Puley

on 9 December 2010

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Transcript of Growing Success with turnitin.com

The Writing Process and Assessment with Turn-It-In.com Facilitate Peer Feedback

Simplifies peer reviewing with easy online automation
Enables the setup of standard review questions in any subject
Allows anonymous distribution and feedback
Engages students through participation
Helps students grasp core course material with significant cognitive benefits

A quick web-search returns a descriptor for Turnitin.com as "...the leading academic plagiarism detector, utilized by teachers and students to avoid plagiarism and ensure academic integrity."

Another: "Turnitin is a Web-based plagiarism detection service"

And another: "…checks for the originality of material."

And another: "...worldwide standard in online plagiarism prevention" Students work collaboratively as active participants of the entire writing process, teacher, peer, and student have numerous opportunities to assess, reflect, and revise.

Be flexible with due dates to accommodate the individual needs and realities of each learner.

Provide students with opportunities to recognize the importance of creativity and acknowledging the work of others (reference and citation).
Developing 21st Century Fluencies & Skills, exploring the full writing process, and engaging students in meaningful reflection throughout all learning stages removes a perceived need to plagiarize and eliminates accidental occurences by virtue of the assessment process. Essay Assignment

Write a formal essay on Shakespeare's MacBeth (i.e. motivations of a character, plot device, theme, literary style, etc.)


Brainstorm with a partner and then team up with another group to expand your ideas (Start face to face in class and then extend the conversation the Discussion Board on turnitin.com, Google Docs, a Wiki, etc.)

Still have questions regarding the assignment or any aspect of the play? Post to the assignment Discussion Board in turnitin.com - participate in any discussions already begun while you're there.

Write your essay draft and submit to turnitin.com

Check your originality report and review your citation format and referencing style - check for areas that need improvement - make note of them

Self Assessment - Read your draft essay, answer the guided questions, and use the markup tools to identify issues in spelling, grammar, and/mechanics

Peer Assessment - Read the draft essay assigned to you within turnitin.com

[Teacher Assesses after the self and peer assessment]

Answer the questions provided for the assessment and make meaningful comments to the author where appropriate - focus on commentary and suggestions that help the author

At the end of the assessment period, review your work and the comments by your peer and teacher, edit/revise, and proofread

Resubmit to turnitin.com for Assessment Period #2

Share with your original partner from the brainstorming process - make final edits

Teacher Conference - explanation of revisions and applications of suggestons from peer and teacher

Publish: Resubmit to turnitin.com - Re-check your originality report - make revisions where necessary

Complete the Reflection Assignment - write about what you learned from the writing process, feedback you received by peer and teacher, what you implemented, what you didn't, and why; further, offer feedback on the assignment you worked on, challenges you had in the process, how you overcame them, and what you would do differently on future assignments. Discussion Board Revision Assignment
Upload Paper to turnitin #1 Peer & Self Assessment
#2 Teacher Assessment Upload Paper (prior to due date)
Peer / Self Assessment
Final Revision if Necessary turnitin markup is
easy to understand! Post Assignment - Writing Cycle
Reflection Learning Skills and Work Habits
(Growing Success, 10-14) Entire Document
(Growing Success, 2010) Assessment For Learning & As Learning
(Growing Success, 28-36) Assessment
Learning Assessment
Learning Assessment
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