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Learning Commons

No description

Juniper Ridington

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Learning Commons

The Learning Commons What is it? Is it iPads? Comfy chairs? Flexible spaces?
A virtual learning environment? Well yes, but it's more than infrastructure and technology... Because really it's a place where we learn together... We'll find out together what the LearningCommons can be. The Process Carol Koechlin 2012 Carol Koechlin 2012 Carol Koechlin 2012 Power at every table, but…. Carol Koechlin 2012 A bit better now! Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 Transformations in Progress
Elizabeth Rummel Elementary Alberta, Canada
Titans Learning Commons Ottawa, Canada The Allen Center in New Zealand  Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 LC as the Cultural Center of the School Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 Welcome Staff
Glen Allen High School Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 Count the collaborative spaces at Eastwood Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 Moveable Wall
Edgewood Learning Commons Carol Koechlin 2012 Carol Koechlin 2012 Instant workspace Carol Koechlin 2012 Flexibility Carol Koechlin 2012 Everything can move York Region DSB Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 Always on Learning Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 Grand Erie DSB From Storage Space to Learning Space Carol Koechlin 2012 ….or this? Carol Koechlin 2012 Does your library look like this? Features of the Physical Commons Carol Koechlin 2012 Equitable access
Celebration of learning
Exemplary learning experiences – relevant and real world
Individual, small groups, large group
A Cultural center – Listening Lunches
Centre for Professional Learning Teams Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 See more at ISB ES Learning Hub What do you like about this learning space? …learning should be viewed in terms of environment – combined with the rich resources provided by the digital information network where the context in which learning happens, the boundaries that define it, and the students, teachers and information within it all coexist and shape each other in a mutually reinforcing way.
A New Culture of Learning
Thomas and Brown 2011 The Allen Center in New Zealand  Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 Learning is Tinkering Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 Invite Student Experts Chelmsford H.S. Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 Learning is Social Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 Hamilton Wentworth CDSB Organized but Flexible Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 Create Real World Environments
Beaufort Elementary School DSB of Niagara Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 Innovation: Family Studies Room to Learning Commons Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 Networked Learning Features of the Physical Commons Carol Koechlin 2012 Flexibility (furniture and schedule)
Networking places and spaces
Productivity spaces and tools
Comfortable and stimulating
Books and resources kids want and need
Books and computers don’t get in the way Loertscher and Koechlin 2012 17. Form follows function
It seems obvious but is often forgotten: Teaching and Learning should shape the building, not vice versa. The Third Teacher
79 Ways You Can Use Design to Transform Teaching & Learning
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